My name is Amanda.  I am 29, and am a wife and mother of the four most amazing girls on this planet. We live in what my SoCal dad jokingly refers to as “the frozen tundra”. Known to the rest of the world as Wisconsin.

For reference’s sake, here are the names of the players of my life:

  • TYLER, plays the role of husband
  • EOWYN, plays the role of oldest child. 6 years old.
  • ARYA, plays the role of primary middle child. 4 years old.
  • LAURELYN, plays the role of secondary middle child. 2 years old.
  • OSWYN, plays the role of the baby. 0 years old.

In 2009, my now husband and I decided to fully put our lives in God’s hands and say ‘yes’ to whatever He had in store for us, because we realized that He could do a lot more with our lives than we could ever hope to.  Our life looks nothing like we planned for ourselves.  In fact in many ways, it’s the exact opposite of what we wanted for ourselves.  But it is also so much better than we could have ever imagined, because we are exactly where we’re supposed to be–in the palm of God’s hands.

If someone were to tell my college self that I would end up being a stay-at-home mom, I probably would have cried.  I used to be one of those people who looked down at women who were stay-at-home moms, thinking that they had thrown their lives away.  There was a point in my life when I had zero intentions of getting married.  I wanted to live my life, not be stuck playing house and taking care of kids.

But then I said ‘yes’ to God.  I said ‘yes’ to whatever HE planned for my life, trusting that it was going to be the only way that I would ever be truly happy.  Since then I’ve had a total heart transplant (figuratively speaking), and am so happy that I allowed God to trash my awful plans and follow His path for my life instead.  I had fallen into the same trap that a lot of Christians do of thinking, “I don’t want to walk with God 100% because then my life will be boring”.  Well let me tell you–I was very wrong.  God is anything but boring, and walking with Him has turned out to be the adventure of a lifetime.

In the last 7 years, God has shown me all of the extraordinary that He hides for us in each and every day.  Behind the sparkle in my daughter’s eyes when she believes my stories of fairies.  In the encouraging note from a friend, received exactly when I need it.  Exchanging a thought with my husband by locking eyes with him, because we have indeed become one.  In the eye of the most radiant sunset, burning every color into the sky.

Life, in all it’s ordinary habits, is an awfully big adventure.  I would like to share mine with you.


Please feel free to contact me below.  I would love to hear from you!