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Ultimate Nerd Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Personally, I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. Mostly because I never had a boyfriend and took the bitter route. But also because Valentine’s Day tends to be so mushy-gushy, and I’m….not mushy-gushy. All the pink and hearts and sweet-corny puns make me want to puke.

I know I’m not alone in my feelings, right?

Last year my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with take out Chinese food and Deadpool. And it was the absolute best.

It got me thinking of all of the other Valentine’s Day hating nerds out there. Why should we not be allowed to celebrate our love with the rest of the world just because we prefer hearts made out of walker blood? We should never apologize for our sense of humor, because without us, the world would be a suffocating mass of supersized stuffed teddy bears and sprinkles and unicorns with rainbows shooting out of their asses. In other words, the world would be a terrifying place to live.

Which is why I have put together this ultimate gift guide for people like me. People who would take a good laugh over an overly sweet sentiment any day of the week, and who are over the moon to receive the full set of Harry Potter movies for Christmas (seriously though, Mom–best gift ever!) People who raise tiny humans who school other tiny humans on the playground about what a dalek is (true story–my kid actually did that). People’s who 3 year old girls request a “Hulk smashing Sofia the First” birthday party (I promise to get the details of that party up here one day, because it was amazing).

And I do not use the word “ultimate” lightly, my friends. I have covered ALL the major genres of nerdisms from comics to Doctor Who to Lord of the Rings to The Walking Dead and MORE, and selected over 100 awesome Valentine’s Day gifts that would make any of us swoon. They are all categorized by theme/TV show and in alphabetical order (What? So I have a bit of Hermoine Granger syndrome…) This list ended up being so large in fact, that I had to split it up into multiple pages. So each theme will have it’s own page, with links to get to each at the top of each page.

I steered cleared of any overseas sellers…for the most part. But I found a few things that were too good not to include just because the shipping time was a bit longer. If you also fall in love with an overseas item, you can always trying contacting the seller to see if expedited shipping is available. Or you can buy it anyways and give your sweetheart a wrapped up picture of their gift, so they at least know what it is while they wait the extra week to have it for real. I have noted every overseas item on this list for your convenience.

Just in case any of you stumble across this post at the midnight hour the day before February 14th with no idea what to get your special someone, I have also gone out of my way to include awesome Valentine’s Day cards that are instant downloads. If the love of your life is anything like me, any one of these hilarious cards given with a chinese food dinner and a box of their favorite candy will make them happier than Negan when he’s shutting shit down with Lucille. All of the instant download cards will be noted with the abbreviation “ID”, again, for your convenience.

All of these products are Etsy listings, but this post is not sponsored by anyone. These are all products that I genuinely love and wanted to share with you. I chose to go 100% Etsy because I think it’s important to support small business, and every Etsy seller is just an ordinary person trying to make a living doing what they love. Plus they are all wicked talented; these products are amazing.

So amazing that I have decided to use one in my very first GIVEAWAY! In honor of this season of love, I have decided to gift one lucky reader with this amazing Walking Dead inspired mug:

Zombies Valentine's Day Mug

I laughed so hard when I saw this, and I just had to share the joy. Again–100% not sponsored. I’m using my own money, because I love you all so much.

So here’s how the giveaway is going to work: in order to be entered, you must comment on this post, my Facebook post, OR my Instagram post and tell me what your favorite nerdy show/ movie/ or character is by February 7, 2017 6 pm EST. My kids and I will announce the randomly picked winner live on my Facebook page on February 7, 2017 at 8 pm EST. And while you’re here (or on one of my social media accounts), hit that ‘follow’ button so we can be friends. Because if you can appreciate zombie humor in relation to Valentine’s Day, you are my kind of person.

And don’t forget to share this with your fellow nerds so they A. Will be able to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their nerdy love and B. Will have a chance to win this awesome mug.

Happy Valentine’s Day Puddin!

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  • Brittney says:

    I feel the same way! I’d so much rather order dinner and watch a show than eat a cookie cutter dinner with the “masses” on Valentines Day. Favorite movie series of all time – Harry Potter!! I went to every midnight showing and watch the movies at least once a month still!

  • Lan says:

    My favorite nerdy character is Ron Swanson! He’s the funniest

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