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New Year's Kid Craft

I love traditions. There’s something so lovely about the familiarity of a cherished activity or food that you only indulge in a certain time of the year. It fills me up with happiness that warms the whole of me like a bowl of soup on a winter day.

That being said, I also love trying new things to add to our existing traditions.

A New Year’s Day tradition that we have is shared by most in this country: watching the Rose Parade. So color me pissed come January 1st this year and I can’t find it. We recently got rid of DirectTV and went the Roku route, and I’m still getting used to what channels we do and do not get, and which of those stream live and which are on demand only. So I attributed the absence of floral covered floats cruising across my screen to us not having the right channel.

As I’m basically having a fit over not being able to watch the parade this year, my 6 year old says, “I know, Mom–we can just make our own parade! Except it will have to be out of paper because we don’t have any roses.”

I love that kid. She’s always got a Plan B ready when Plan A fails miserably.

So that’s exactly what we did.

I rescued 3 empty toy boxes from the Christmas carnage pile in the garage, and gathered whatever craft supplies I could find. I covered the table with a Dollar Store shower curtain to save it from the glitter, and then let the girls go to town.

We covered each box with paper.

New Year's Kid Craft

Then they drew designs on them.

New Year's Kid Craft

And added tinsel, pom poms, party streamers, and glitter glue designs to add some pazzaz.

New Year's Kid Craft

New Year's Kid Craft

Once the glitter glue was mostly dry (that stuff really takes forever to dry completely), the kids placed barbies on top of their floats and put a parade on for us. The adults watched and did the commentary, just like they do on TV.

New Year's Kid Craft

It was so much fun! So out of a frustrating morning was born a new tradition.

New Year's Kid Craft

Fun fact: it turns out that the powers that be decided to do the Rose Parade on January 2nd this year for no reason at all. Which I was not made aware of until the day of when it was practically over. Because, of course. Whatever, I’m sure ours was better 😉

If you are looking for other fun ways to celebrate New Year’s with your kids, check out our New Year’s Eve party from last year.


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