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Anger Pinata DIY

We’re in full blown party prep over here, with little girl’s birthday party a mere 5 days away!

The one thing I was most nervous about making was the pinata. I have tried to make a pinata before, and it was the ugliest thing in the world. After that train wreck, I was totally fine shelling out $20 for pinatas, because it was an investment towards my sanity.

As I discussed in my Anger invite post, however, THERE ARE NO INSIDE OUT PARTY SUPPLIES FOR ME TO BUY!!!

I did find this amazing Anger pinata on Etsy, and was still whipping out my card to buy it despite it being $32. But when the price went up to $50 with the shipping, my card went back into my wallet. There is just no way I could justify spending $50 on something that is going to be ripped apart. If I had bought that pinata, it would have become a permanent decoration in my daughter’s bedroom, and I would have just handed out goodie bags pre-filled with candy. But I can’t not have a pinata, because my kids LOVE pinatas.

So my options were: buy a generic pinata that has nothing to do with our theme, or try to make my own. Anger is such an easy shape, that I opted to at least try to make one myself before buying some generic thing at Walmart because I knew that would make my kid the happiest.

So I searched YouTube for a “how to make a pinata” video, and came across this one. It was perfect because she was making a rectangle shape, which is exactly what I needed. I know it seems stupid to look up a video for help making a rectangle pinata because it’s such a basic shape, but I didn’t want to take any chances just me by myself after the ugly pinata disaster of 2014.

I am happy to report that our Anger pinata came together really easily! Ary and I both LOVE how he turned out, and the best part was that we got to make it together.

Here is a step by step instructional with pictures on how we made our Anger pinata in case you also have an Anger fan in your house.

Step 1: Assemble your supplies

For our Anger pinata, we used:

  • 1 small box
  • Masking tape
  • Exacto knife
  • Red wrapping paper
  • 3 glue sticks
  • Packing Tape

Anger Pinata DIY

Step 2: Cut Your Box

Using the exacto knife, cut 2 of the large panels of the small box, along with 2 long flaps, and 2 short flaps.

Step 3: Tape Your Box Together

I know, I know–I just told you to cut it up, and now I’m telling you to tape it back together. But the original shape of the box is too big for a pinata, and it wouldn’t break as easily using it as is. The shape you’re going for is an oversized cereal box. Have your helper tape one of the long flaps to one side of one of the large panels using masking tape, while you hold the pieces in place.

Anger Pinata DIY

Do the same thing with the second long flap on the other side of the large panel. Then attach the second large panel to the long flaps so that you are left with a cereal box shape, sans top and bottom.

Anger Pinata DIY

Next, tape one of the short flaps onto the bottom of your open ended box. Then cut 2 holes in the second short flap. These will serve 2 purposes: somewhere to thread the rope through and a way to put the candy in.

Anger Pinata DIY

We put extra masking tape on the top piece and on the bridge between the 2 holes, because it’s going to be holding the weight of the pinata.

Warning: your birthday kid will be really excited.

Anger Pinata DIY

Step 4: Wrap it Up

I bought a roll of red wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree, and used it to literally wrap it like a Christmas present. But unlike wrapping a Christmas present, I covered each surface of the box with glue from a glue stick to make sure the paper stayed in place. Take your time and glue one surface at a time, because glue stick glue tends to dry fast. I ended up using 3 glue sticks, so be prepared.

Anger Pinata DIY

Step 5: Make Anger’s Flame

As I was wrapping the top of the box, I realized that I had accidentally created a perfect flame for the top of our Anger’s head. So instead of gluing that last flap down, I glued the bottom of it and folded it back a bit so it could stick up.

Anger Pinata DIY

Except that it didn’t want to sit up, but rather lean back and look sad.

No problem; I just traced the shape of the flap onto a piece of paper and then used that as a stencil to trace onto a piece of cardboard.

Anger Pinata DIY

After cutting it out with an exacto knife, I attached it to the back of the paper flap flame using packing tape that I folded over on itself. You could also use glue if you have the patience to let it dry. I did not have such patience, and chose packing tape.

I then cut a small triangle out of cardboard and used packing tape to attach it to the back of the flap to help prop it up; like the stand of a picture frame.

Anger Pinata DIY

I then cut my paper stencil of the flame into 3 pieces, and used the top 2 pieces as a stencil on orange and yellow paper. I chose to cut the flame sections with one of my crafting scissors so that it looked more flame-like. Then I applied double sided tape squares to the orange and yellow pieces and positioned them on the flame.

Boom! Anger has a flame.

Anger Pinata DIY

Step 6: Make His Eyes and Mouth

Anger’s face was really easy. I just Googled an image on my phone, and free handed his angry eyes and scowling mouth. Then I let the birthday girl color in his eyes.

Anger Pinata DIY

Anger Pinata DIY

The OCD part of me cringed a bit when she colored outside of the lines, but then I remembered that it’s her birthday. I would much rather her feel that she’s a part of the process and gets to put her stamp on her own party than have every little thing look Pinterest perfect.

We cut them out, used double sided tape to attach them, and our pinata was done!

Anger Pinata DIY

Then of course, we had to fill it with candy. Which was the part all the kids were most looking forward to.

Anger Pinata DIY

The birthday girl was beyond happy with her pinata.

Anger Pinata DIY

I mean angry; she was very, very angry.

Anger Pinata DIY

And since the only thing I had to buy for this project was the wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree, I saved $49. So mama was very happy.

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