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Somehow, our middle child is turning 4 in exactly 9 days. I have no idea how this happened. I swear she was a toddler like a month ago.

She is definitely our wild child: perpetually naked, no matter the temperature outside; completely lacking the ability to talk in anything softer than a yell; says stuff like, “I just farted, but you don’t hear it–you just smell it”. She keeps us on our toes, makes us want to yank our hair out in frustration, cry laughing, and smoother her in kisses all at the same time. She is sassy and fire and lovely and sweet bundled into one spit fire mini human.

Her birthday party theme last year was a Hulk / Sofia the First mash up, with an emphasis on Hulk. So it was no surprise that this year she requested an Anger party. NOT an Inside Out party–just Anger. Naturally, he is her favorite character. So we’re going from Hulk to Anger.

Next year it’ll be Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hide.

This was the first year that I was completely on board with doing as little as possible to put the party together. My pregnancy has been hard and I know that if I don’t take it easy in this last trimester, that I could very easily put myself into early labor. So I was planning on clearing out Party City’s Inside Out aisle, ordering pizza to serve to the kids, and calling it a day. So naturally, there are NO Inside Out party products to buy. It must not have been a popular enough theme because the few plates that I found were on some discounted party supply website. I just had to laugh at the irony, because it’s too funny to get upset.

But since the birthday girl (or birthday queen, if you ask her) wants an Anger party instead of an Inside Out party, it’s better that I have to craft my way out of it. It’s going to be a one of a kind party for a one of a kind kid.

I was out of town this last weekend, came home Monday and realized that her birthday was 12 days away. And I hadn’t sent out the invites yet.

After a minor panic, I whipped out my computer with the mission of throwing something I could Facebook to the moms of her friends that same day.

I completely lucked out and found this Anger image on a Google search. It was Anger by himself and was already conveniently on a red background with just enough space for me to add the details of her party on it. Basically, Google handed me the most perfect invitation background, that I didn’t have to spend an hour splicing together myself.

Then I headed over to and found 2 free angry looking fonts: Road Rage Font and TrashHand Font .

It literally took me 5 minutes to make this on Photoshop, because I was just adding text. But I love how it turned out! It gets the theme across, gives people the necessary info, and was something I could get out to people the same day.

Mom for the win.

Anger Inside Out Invitation

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