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Dear Moms:

I need to have a talk with you. This is something that I have stayed quiet about, because I don’t like stepping on toes. I know how hard you work to juggle all the balls that motherhood, work, and life throw at you. I truly believe that you are doing your best. I know that you honestly did not mean to cause anyone else any harm. But you did; and you have done this many times before. If we don’t have a brutally honest heart to heart here, you will undoubtedly do it again.

Please, keep your sick kids home.

If your kid has green snot shooting out of their faces uncontrollably–they’re sick. It doesn’t matter that they still have enough energy to play while they are planting infected green bombs all over their toys. Big, thick, green globs of snot being sneezed out every 3 minutes is not normal. Therefore, it indicates your child is indeed sick. Keep that mess to the confines of your house, instead of allowing them to wipe it all over the barre at ballet class for my kid to touch and then get sick themselves.

If your kid was sick all weekend, but are feeling better come Monday, but still have a cough, keep that barking mess inside your house. They may be on the up and up, but a forceful, slightly congested cough escaping their lungs every 3 minutes means they are still sick. If they are still coughing, they are still contagious. Do not send them on the school bus anyways and lock my healthy kid in a room with that infected cough for 8 hours, because then my kid is going to get sick.

Case in point: I came down with a sore throat last Thursday. I had a horrible headache come bedtime, and Friday morning woke up feeling like I got run over by a truck. My 5 year old also woke up sick. Then my 3 & 1 year olds woke up Sunday morning with the same symptoms as us. My precious 3 year old had to be whisked to the ER at 11 at night on Sunday because she had developed croup, which aggravated her asthma so much that she was choking trying to breath through the barking coughs.

It took 2 nebulizer treatments and a whopping dose of steroids to stabilize her.

I know what you’re thinking: but my kid didn’t have croup; just a regular cough.

First of all, there’s no such thing as a “regular” cough. A healthy person does not cough. Your kid may have been well enough to get through her dance classes, but that cough was due to more than allergies. I know because I was standing right next to her as she hacked over everyone in the lobby for 10 minutes before going into her class to hack over all those poor kids. That’s why I got sick first, since your kid is no longer in the same class as mine.

Second of all, just because someone is infected with the virus that causes croup does not mean that they will get croup. They’ll get sick, of course, but not necessarily develop croup. Croup is a body’s response to the virus, and not every body will respond in the same way. For example: my family of 5 were all exposed to the same virus, thanks to you. But only my asthmatic 3 year old developed croup. After 3 days of laying low, my 5 year old is healthy again. She’s not coughing or sneezing uncontrollably anymore, so she got to go back to school today.

It’s the same with pnemonia. Last year, my 3 kids all got sick with the same respiratory virus. But only the asthmatic 3 year old developed pnemonia. My husband did not get sick along with the kids and I this time. He also did not get sick when my kids had that respiratory virus last year, nor did he get RSV when the kids and I got it back in February of last year. His body just is not prone to contracting respiratory viruses and bacteria.

So just because your kid’s body does not respond to a respiratory sickness by developing croup or pnemonia does not mean that they are not the cause for my kid getting croup or pnemonia.

I know how hard it can be to change your plans the morning of because your kid woke up sick. I know some of you have jobs that don’t care that your kid suddenly got sick and you don’t have anyone to watch them. This job is tough, mamas, and we are all doing the best that we can.

But I am not okay with you putting my kid at risk just for your convenience. It’s irresponsible and downright dangerous.

I had to watch my 3 year old choke and struggle for breath. I had to try to calm her because she was scared not being able to breath, but her attempt to cry was making the struggle worse. I had to see her skin get sucked up underneath her lungs as she desperately tried to get air.

She’s going to need nebulizer treatments around the clock for at least 2 days now.

Kid with a Nebulizer

And it was all because you brought your sick kid to dance class.

Next time, keep your sick kid home. I know it’s hard to make arragements for childcare. I know it breaks your heart to tell them ‘no’ to dance class when they’re on the mend, but still have a cough. But I don’t give a shit anymore because you have sent my kid to the ER again.

Stop it.


A Fellow Mama Bear

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  • Rose says:

    This will be a complaint by many mom’s for years to come
    I suggested at church to put a sign up
    No sick kids

    I still get sick and I get Bronchitis and it stays with me a good month

    I’m sorry for Arya. But when I get it bad it is hard to breath and can get scary even for me an adult precious child the Lord help her

    Your right about it is very irresponsible and really selfish

    I would think theses mom’s would want their little ones to feel better and rest at home

    Mayb if you tell the dance class and school what happened they won’t allow parents to bring their sick kids

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