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My Sweet, Darling Girl:

Eowyn_1Today is the day you start school. I will wake you up at 7 and have precisely 1 hour before the bus will come to take you away for the day. 1 hour to prepare you to head off into the world all on your own, where you will be pushed to your limit, learn so many things, and stretch your wings to fly.



You will learn BIG, important things.


Things that you need to know, things you have a right to know.


But while you are off learning all these big, important things, I will be at home with just one wish in my heart: please, always believe in fairies.


Don’t let all the big, important things in life snuff out your belief in the unseen.


Because it is this belief that allows you to attack each day with confidence.


Right now, in your 5 year old form, you truly know that you can be anything you want to be.


You can be a famous dancer, astronaut, and hair stylist all at the same time, because you have set your mind to do just that.


Because you believe in a world where fairies are real and the only reason the leaves change color in the fall is because of the fairies who hand painted them while you were sleeping.



You believe that if you could just get someone to take you to Mako Island that you would become a real mermaid.


It is this same belief which makes your relationship with the unseen God come so naturally to you.


Right now, you don’t need to have proof, because you can feel the truth in your heart.


You believe that one man in a red suit has the magic to bring presents to every child on the planet on the same day, uniting us all in a shared happiness. If you can have so much faith in 1 man bringing happiness to the whole world, you won’t have any problems believing that God can change the world through little, old you.


Right now, you have the faith to move mountains contained in your pint sized body.


And it’s because you believe in fairies.


Please, don’t let the world dull your senses.


Always be bursting with love and zeal.


Always be forever creating, never afraid to play.


No matter how exasperated I may get, never stop asking questions and demanding answers.


Please, don’t let the world steal your faith. Always believe in the things that can’t be seen.

First Day of Kindergarten

Just please, always believe in fairies.




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