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26 Weeks Pregnant

First, let me say thank you to my mother-in-law for this awesome shirt! I am a blessed baby mama! Blessed 4 times over; what a life God has given me.

Last Friday, some friends had us over for a spontaneous s’mores night. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes also got the invite and they invited all of their friends. We only lasted about 15-20 minutes before we headed inside because we were getting eaten alive. Despite the pants and long sleeves and bug spray, my girls and I got a total of 58 bites. I got 20 (10 of which were on my face), Eowyn got 21 (10 of which were on her face), Ary got 6, and Laurelyn got 11. The little bastards bit me through my jeans!

I am so. over. summer.

But bug bites aside, it was wonderful to get to spend some time with friends whom we don’t get to see nearly often enough.

Speaking of being over summer, I did something completely out of character and bought a bag of candy corn. From Sam’s Club too, so it’s like 4.5 pounds. I’ve spoken about my OCD habits of keeping certain foods seasonal before on here. I’m really confused by my own hypocrisy. My husband loves it however, because it’s the perfect opportunity to give me shit for said hypocrisy. But you know what card I’m going to pull? That’s right–the prego card. Obviously these hormones are making me crave fall flavors. And pregnant women get whatever they’re craving. Period. However, I will restrain myself from putting up the fall decor until after labor day.

Like, the day after labor day.

The hubby and I are in the process of binging on our new Netflix craze Peaky Blinders. We’re 1 season finale away from finishing the whole series. So good! If you like a good British/crime/period/drama then you need to watch this show. There are some fantastic performances and the music is especially great.

On Tuesday, Eowyn had her kindergarten orientation. She went from bouncing off the walls excited to crying in the car nervous, but was right back to bouncing off the walls excited once it was all done. She got to meet the principal, meet her teacher, see her classroom, find her desk, find her locker, do a practice ride on the bus, scope out the play ground, practice eating lunch with a cookie, see the gym, meet the PE teacher, see the library, chat with the librarian, and end it all with an ice cream from the PTA. I mean PTO. Why do they change stuff like that? What difference does it make to call it an ‘organization’ instead of ‘association’. I mean…stop it.

Kindergarten Orientation

We got to ride the bus with her, which was awesome because I wasn’t ready to let her go by herself just yet. I know I’m going to have to send her off on her own next week, but we’re going to wait to do that until next week, ok? Our first baby is growing up so fast and it’s making this prego lady cry. But at the same time, I’m so excited for her, because I know she’s going to have such a great time. This kid takes after me and is a total Hermoine Granger. She’ll be a teacher’s pet within a month, easy.

Remember my raspberry lemonade cake that I shared last week? Well my favorite baking blog, I Am Baker shared it on her blog as well as her Facebook page, which has over a million followers! Guys, my recipe on my little old insignificant mommy blog got shared 125 times and got close to 1,000 likes! Is this real life? Totally made my week! Especially since it was the cake that I decorated with my girls. Despite the top of the cake looking like 3 preschoolers decorated it (because 3 preschoolers decorated it), almost 1,000 people still thought my cake was awesome. That cake will forever be so very special to me.

Physically, I’m the same. Still cramping, hips still sore (which continues to make sleeping difficult), but baby is also still really active. The girls were able to feel some kicks this week, and seeing their faces light up was so special.

My mom is flying out from California on Saturday so that she can be here for Eowyn’s first day of school. I’m really looking forward to having her here to share in this huge milestone with us.

Baby Stats:

  • Baby is about the length of a scallion from head to heel
  • The network of nerves in baby’s ears are better developed and more sensitive, so baby can probably hear the chaos of life around him/her now.
  • Baby is inhaling and exhaling bits of amniotic fluid, which helps to develop the lungs
  • Baby is continuing to put on adipose
  • If baby is a boy, the testicles should begin to descend soon, which apparently takes 2-3 months (but, odds are it’s a girl, so there’s that)

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