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25 Weeks Pregnant

I feel exhausted from this last week, yet can’t find anything to talk to you about. This happens to me all the time guys: I feel like I’m super busy all the time, but when someone asks me what I’ve been up to, I’m all, “Uhhhhh….”


Forever busy, with seemingly nothing to show for it. Can anyone else relate?

On Sunday the girls and I went to visit our old neighborhood on a whim. I texted some of our old neighbors, and most of them happened to be home. The kids desperately miss their friends, and were over the moon to play with them again.

Neighborhood Friends

Except for Laurelyn, who was suddenly attached to my hip. When we’re at home, she will go outside and play with her sisters for an hour at a time, and not care less about where I am. But when she’s in a social situation with other kids, she becomes unusually shy. But I remember Ary doing that same thing at her age, so it doesn’t concern me overly much. I’m sure she’ll grow out of it. Especially since she’s going to be starting dance class in September, and hopefully also going to Awana at church. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes her to adjust to dance class, because she LOVES dancing, but has never done anything without myself or her sisters at her side. Time for baby girl to shine all on her own.

I cannot believe that we only have 2 short weeks before Eowyn starts school. Where did the summer go?? It’s crazy how fast time can fly by. Since she’s never been in daycare or preschool, we’ve always had a late start to our days. I am not a morning person, so I saw no reason to wake up early just because I have kids. But once Eowyn is in school, we will have to wake up a good 2 hours earlier than we’re accustomed to. I didn’t want to force her to cold turkey it, because I just knew that’d be a horrible way for the poor kid to start such a huge life event. So for the last 10 days, I’ve been forcing us all to wake up a bit earlier. I’m doing it in increments, because again, going cold turkey is not the way to adjust to such a change. It was hard for all of us. There were a few mornings (today included) when I went down to wake her up and she looked at me through half open eyes and told me that she was going to go back to sleep. I’m afraid she’s just like her father and I in that way. But when both of the parents are night owls, it only makes sense for the kids to be as well. However, she’s been a trooper and we are now only 15 minutes away from the time that she’ll need to be up by for school. Going to bed earlier has proven to be a much easier adjustment, however, as we are all tired earlier from waking up earlier.

Physically, I’ve been okay. I had a really rough time 2 nights ago; the cramping was particularly bad and kept waking me up. The following day was just a wash because the cramping continued through most of the day. As a consequence, I continued to plan for fall and Halloween by spending way too much time on Pinterest and YouTube. I also started planning the kids birthday parties, because their birthdays are back to back. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I’ll be up to parties this year because of how this pregnancy has been going. I’m already not planning a party for Laurelyn, because she would hate having a bunch of people in her space anyways. But my other 2 have been planning their parties since their last parties; I really don’t want to disappoint them. But my physical condition is very much out of my control. So for now, I’m planning parties, in the hopes that I will be up for doing them, coming up with ways that I can scale down from the crazy Pinterest shit I normally do.

Yesterday the cramping eased back to it’s normal intensity, so I finally got to do something that has been an idea for a couple weeks now: the girls and I decorated a cake live on my Facebook page. I had just been waiting for a time when I wasn’t feeling so crappy. Yesterday was finally the day, and it was the highlight of my week by a long shot! We had so much fun! I talked all about it in this post, where I also shared a link to the archived video and the recipe for the cake, for anyone who is interested.

No doctor’s appointment this week, because we’re spacing them out to every two weeks now. But I know baby is still doing well because she’s been kicking a lot!


Baby Stats:

  • Baby now measures around 13 1/2 inches and weighs around 1 1/2 pounds
  • Baby is about the size of a rutabaga
  • Beginning to accumulate some baby fat, which is helping to smooth out the wrinkles on it’s skin
  • Baby is growing more hair


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