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23 weeks pregnant

(Party Like It’s Naptime tee by my mommy bestie over at LMYK Apparel)

I made it guys! I am 24 weeks pregnant today!! Time to party! Well, not exactly; I am still contracting every day and it’s wearing on me. I think a party would do me in at this point. But, I am still showing no signs of early labor, and baby is still completely healthy. Praise be to God!

Now I just have to wrap my mind around the very real fact that I have to endure 16 more weeks with daily contractions. Not gonna lie guys, it’s trying to have this cramping day in and day out. It’s making me grumpy and short tempered, which isn’t good when I’m interacting with preschoolers all day long. They require a whole lot of patience that I just don’t have in my reserves. But, ce le vie.

Well, they’re not all preschoolers–Eowyn will be starting kindergarten in September. There was a registration event the other day at the school, which we all went to together as a family. We ordered her year book and she took her first school picture. I can’t believe our first baby is getting so big.

Picture Day Kindergarten

We went shopping for a special new outfit for pictures. She picked this one, because she said she wanted to look sassy. I love this kid so much.

This week I have decided that I am done with summer. It’s just too damn hot and humid to be pregnant. Plus, the bugs love me. I literally can’t go outside for any amount of time without getting 1-9 new bites. My skin is particularly sensitive to bug bites, so I almost always end up with huge, red, swollen areas that surround said bites. This time, it was on my ankle, which is one of the itchiest spots to get a bug bite. It looks like I have some kind of disease, or at least that’s what my 5 year old kindly told me.

Just to prove my point: bug bite ankle on left side, normal ankle on right side.

I’m so over you, summer. Bring on fall!

Sunday was our 7th wedding anniversary. My husband is not a morning or breakfast person, but I don’t let that stop me from making special breakfasts for myself. So on Sunday I made these delicious lemon blueberry waffles.

Lemon Blueberry Waffles

Seriously the best way to start the day.

We were stuck with the kids all day, but made the most of it by going to a county fair. It was really hot, and way too much walking for both of us, but so much fun!

But the best part of the whole day was when Tyler felt new baby kick for the first time later that night. He was talking to the baby and snuggled his head against my stomach. I was silently willing the baby to kick him in the face, and then baby did! And he felt it! It doesn’t matter that this is our 4th time around the block; feeling those movements for the first time is always pure magic.

Unfortunately, the goldfish that Eowyn won at the fair died two days later. Those con artists at the fair probably don’t take very good care of their fish, shockingly enough. Poor thing was really upset, so we went to Walmart the same day and bought a new fish. This one is a beta, which we are hoping will be heartier than the crappy fair fish. Allow me to introduce Mr. Bubble-Wubbles, the newest addition to the family.

Beta fish

Other than that, this week has looked a lot like this:

Summertime with kids Lots of kids running around outside for hours on end, chasing each other with sticks, sweeping the grass, and racing on their scooters. The older girls would always end up coming inside to tell me that the baby took her diaper off again, to which I would reply, “Who cares; the dogs pee and poop outside. Why not the baby too? At least I won’t have to scrub it out of the carpet.”

I know that in the dead of winter when we’re on day 567 of negative degree temperatures, I’ll miss these summer days. But for now, I’m still totally done with the sweat and the bugs and the allergies. I welcome the frost that will kill all the bugs and all the pollen.

Baby Stats:

  • Baby is about the size of a large mango
  • Baby’s sense of movement is well developed now, so he/she can feel me dancing (because I’m totally doing a lot of that these days)
  • Baby is over 11″ long and over a pound
  • Blood vessels in the lungs are developing
  • Baby’s hearing is improving and can hear sounds from outside the womb

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