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21 Weeks Pregnant

This week flew by in a whirlwind that is the final stages of moving. I feel like we’ve been moving all summer. Mostly because we have. But we’ve finally got the old house on the market so it’s almost over. My in-laws have been invaluable this week in helping us get the old house ready for walk throughs. Granted, it’s technically their house (we rented it from them), but there’s no way we could have done it all ourselves with my condition and my husband’s perpetual physical problems. I am so very grateful to them.

The biggest excitement that happened this week was the discovery of a rabbit nest in the backyard of our old house. I was at our old house with my mother in law getting stuff done inside, when one of the workers who is finishing out the basement for us flagged my mother in law down. He had two tiny bunnies in his hat and he was massaging them trying to warm them up because they were barely breathing. We had had a horrible storm that had cleared not half an hour beforehand; like full on sideways rain that looked like it was being poured from a giant hose, thunder that sounded like a cannon shot that shook the whole house, and hail kind of storm. The rabbit nest had been dug into the dirt underneath a stone. Out of the litter of 6, only the 2 were still alive. The others likely drowned in the mud created by the storm. It was heartbreaking to see those 4 tiny bodies lay limp in the dirt. Mama bunny was nowhere to be found, and we knew that if we left them and she didn’t return, that they would quickly join their siblings. So we took the little guys inside, wrapped them in warmed up towels, placed them in a bed of more towels in the bottom of a bucket, and I brought them home.

After some phone calls, I found a wildlife center that was 35 minutes away who said that they could take them. So the girls and I drove them over and gave them to the people who could give them their best shot. The lady there who was helping us said they were probably only a week old. Unfortunately, she said that bunnies that young often don’t do well with humans. But I know that they will do everything that they can for the little guys, and I know that I did everything that I could. They were already beginning to perk up significantly by the time we were handing them over, so I’m hopeful that they’ll continue to pull through and survive.

Of course, we snagged some pictures before we took them in because they were just too darn cute.

1 Week Old Bunnies

The funniest thing that happened this week arrived in a text message from one of my best friends. Her and I are Game of Thrones fans (if you couldn’t already tell by our middle child’s name, Arya) and joke all the time that if this next one is yet another girl that her name should be Daenerys. So she took the picture from my 20 week ultrasound that showed the baby giving a thumb’s up and did this…

Baby Daenerys and Drogon

I just about died laughing!

I got a mild cold over the weekend. No big deal; I was over it after 36 hours. But that little insignificant run-of-the-mill cold made my cramps so much worse for 3 solid days. I knew that infection would make them worse, but I was not expecting a stupid little cold to do that to me. So I’m really going to have to try my best to stay healthy until baby is born. Good thing Eowyn’s starting school in September and will be bringing home every germ known to man.

Baby is still looking good and my cervix is still closed despite the extra cramping, which is very reassuring. I’m finally feeling movements now too, which is just the best. I’m technically 22 weeks today, so only 2 weeks left to go until I’m at that magical 24 weeks!

I haven’t done any baby stats yet with this series, so I’m going to start that this week. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Baby Stats:

  • Baby is about the size of a banana
  • Baby weighs about 13 ounces (I actually know this from the measurements done during the 20 week ultrasound)
  • Baby is swallowing more, giving the digestive system much needed practice (again, actually saw that during the 20 week ultrasound)
  • Baby is producing meconium, which is like pre-poop poop

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  • Yo Momma says:

    Those little bunnies are so cute! I hope they make it! You and the girls are so sweet to care for them and get them to the wild life shelter <3
    You are a true example of God's love and mercy – and compassion! Love the pics! Truly love you!!!

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