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While scrolling through my picture gallery looking for one of the river that I took last week, I found one of my baby that I had completely forgotten about. She wasn’t doing anything remarkable or getting into mischief. There’s really nothing special about the picture, but it brought me to tears just the same. When I looked at this picture that I had taken just a few days ago, I suddenly realized that she had grown again.

Even though I’m with my kids every moment of every day, I somehow miss the moments when they grow up. They stealthily sneak in a centimeter of height in a nap, redistribute a handful of baby pudge through the exertion of running away from a diaper change, gain 3 new hairs on their peach fuzz heads while giggling in the tub. And all those microscopic changes that happen right under my nose slowly add up until one day their legs are suddenly too long for their sleeper onesies and they have enough hair to brush. One day I’ll take a picture and upon looking at it notice that their stubby baby necks have stretched out, making them look like kids instead of babies.

It’s incredible and exciting and sad and beautiful all at once, leaving you so overwhelmed with feelings that spill out as happy-sad tears. As you marvel at the miracle that you’re trying to process, you find yourself becoming your own mom as you say to yourself, “When did they get so big?”

I had this happen to me once again as I looked at this picture of my 3rd baby.

Baby in Mama's Slippers

I love everything about this simple picture.

The fact that she’s in nothing but a diaper.

The fact that she was shuffling around in my house slippers.

The cheesy smile she made when she noticed I was taking a picture of her (because she’s old enough to recognize when my phone is in the ‘taking a picture’ position, and knows that she should smile).

Her little Pooh Bear tummy.

Her hair going awry at the base of her neck, holding the promise of turning into curls to match both of her sisters.

Her ever-so-slightly longer neck, denoting her transition into toddlerhood.

I can’t tell you the exact moment when she grew up on me. But this will be the picture I think of that captures the change.

On Growing Up

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