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This week’s challenge was to do a faceless portrait. Capture the essence of someone without showing their face.

I immediately thought of this picture that I took of my middle child last summer.

Summer time

I love this picture because it encapsulates who Ary is: wild, happy, and forever running.

Since I used her as the subject of my last portrait challenge, I wanted to use one of my other daughters this time. Laurelyn is only 1, so it’s pretty hard to get her to hold still. She’s also very photogenic though, always willing to smile when she sees me pointing my camera her way. But, that would not work for this challenge, and I obviously wasn’t going to be able to explain to her that I need to capture something other than her pretty face.

My oldest daughter Eowyn was the perfect candidate however. She loves to pose for the camera, but is 5, so will take directions.

This kid loves to dance. We put her in dance class when she was 2 1/2 and she hasn’t stopped dancing since. When other kids in her first class would get ansy in the middle of the hour long session, Eowyn would still be completely attentive to her teacher, never losing her eagerness to learn. Later when it was time for recitals and hours long rehearsals for said recitals, her classmates would be messing around in the back of the theatre, unable to sit for that long. But Eowyn would be happy to sit and watch the older girls dance over and over again. She would actually start to memorize their routines.

Like I said–this kid loves to dance.

So I wanted to capture her doing what she loves.

Our front door has lovely glass cutouts that let in a beautiful light late morning.

It seemed such a classic shot, that I wanted to give it a vintage feel with the filter.

So here she is: my lovely dancer. May you forever remain fearless as you take each flying leap in life, my sweet. Portrait of a Ballerina


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