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Ever since we started having kids, I slowly started getting into holidays that I never used to care about. Like Valentine’s Day. I used to hate V-Day; mostly because I was forever single, and bitter as a consequence. But now, I think it’s kind of beautiful for us all to take a day to celebrate love. It’s pretty powerful stuff–love. I mean, God conquered the definition of evil with love.

Plus kids just do something to your heart; suddenly you want to take advantage of any excuse to celebrate life. Earth day? Sweet, let’s make some cupcakes! St Patrick’s Day? Well, we’re not Irish, but I’ve always wanted to try corned beef. Let’s go buy some green shirts and go hunting for leprechauns, kids! Valentine’s Day? Ok, let’s break out the heart shaped cookie cutter and red food coloring and turn all food into red hearts!

Because…life is short. Our kids are already growing up too fast. I want to seize every opportunity to have fun with them while I have the chance.

So without further ado, allow me to share our Valentine’s Day with you.

I didn’t decorate this time because I love our winter mantle so much that I wasn’t in the mood to change it. Isn’t this pretty?

Winter Mantle

It’s kind of hard to see in the pictures, but there’s glitter on the letters and on the caps of the mountains.

Winter Mantle

Winter Mantle

My favorite part is the chalkboard art though. I’ve had this framed chalkboard for 3 years and finally did something with it. I used a permanent chalk marker, so this will be my winter art. But I absolutely love it!

Winter Chalkboard Art

I just didn’t have it in me to take it down to replace it with a bunch of hearts.

But I did surprise the older girls with red streamers on the outside of their bedroom door, which they loved!

Valentine's Day Surprise for Kids

Then we made red velvet waffles for breakfast. To make them dairy free, we used vegetable oil in place of the melted butter, and almond milk instead of regular milk. DO NOT ADD THE VINEGAR TO THE ALMOND MILK! It makes it curdle. Just add the vinegar directly to the batter. The last alteration we made to the recipe: we added 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips. I wasn’t sure if chocolate chips in a waffle iron was going to end well. While the first batch was cooking, I was envisioning a gooey, burnt chocolate mess to clean out of the many crevices of the waffle iron. Luckily, the chocolate chips did just fine! They got super crispy on the outside, but were warm and gooey on the inside. I mean, what complements chocolate better than chocolate, right?

Red Velvet Waffles

Red Velvet Waffles

Want to see what happens when you have a 5 year old help you get the yummy pouring-syrup-Pinterest shot?

Red Velvet Waffles

Red Velvet Waffles

HAHAHAHA!!! I laughed so hard.

The only “activity” we did was decorating mini heart cakes. I did this with the girls last year and they specifically asked to do it again, so I guess it’s a tradition now. We used up all of my red food coloring on the waffles and the red velvet rose cookies I had made earlier in the week, so we stuck to pink and purple for frosting colors. Oh, and green, of course, for Hulk Smash.

Cake Decorating with Kids on Valentine's Day

Cake Decorating with Kids for Valentine's Day


Even the hubby got in on the decorating action!

Family Fun on Valentine's Day

Look how awesome his cake turned out!

Mini Heart Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake

He put the first initial for all 4 of his valentines.

Cinnamon frosting is my personal favorite for Valentine’s Day, so I used that to create a heart of cinnamon roses.

Mini Heart Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake

Mini Heart Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake

Mini Heart Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake

Mini Heart Valentine's Day Chocolate Cake

It was as delicious as it looks. Click here for the chocolate cake recipe that I used.

I saw matching shirts on a Facebook add that said, “I love you more than a hobbit loves second breakfast”. Being the total nerds and lovers of Lord of the Rings that we are, I wanted so badly to get my husband and I matching shirts for Valentine’s Day. But then I realized that with shipping it would cost about $50 to do that. So I took the phrase and made a chalkboard art thingy out of it using chalkboard paper and the same permanent chalk pen that I used for my ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ piece. I was using things that I already had, including the frame, so this didn’t cost me anything but my time. The hubby loved it!

Lord of the Rings Chalkboard Art

For the girls I made this Doctor Who inspired art piece.

Doctor Who Fan Art

Because why only go to the moon, when you can send your love to anywhere in time and space and back?

Again, I already had all the supplies on hand from other projects that I *COUGH* never did, so free. Well, kind of. I did have to buy everything at one point in time. But it didn’t cost me anything right now.

Every year since our oldest was one, I have taken pictures of the kids on February 14th. It is a tradition that was born on complete accident, but once I realized the trend last year, I was happy to have fallen into the habit. It’s crazy to go back to the early pictures and see how much they have grown over the years! Here’s the best pictures from this year’s shoot:

Sisters on Valentine's Day

My Daddy will always be my first Valentine

Right before dinner time, my in-laws took the girls off our hands so we could enjoy a little date night. We were in the mood for a Rom-Com, what with it being V-Day and all, so we naturally went to see Deadpool. IT WAS SO AMAZING! If you are a Marvel fan, you need to go see that movie.

So that was it this year. Simple but so much fun just spending time together. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day as well!

And just for s & g’s here’s the link to my Valentine’s cookies that I posted last week.

Valentine's Day Cookies

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  • Maria G. Haro says:

    You are Super Special …. I am very happy that you all had a very Happy Valentine….

  • Momma says:

    You always make holidays so special! <3 Everything looks lovely and oh so yummy! And the cinnamon roses – wow! Great job, my girl! I love you so much and I am so incredibly proud of you!

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