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This week’s prompt was fun: candy.

Candy is so bright and colorful and I really wanted to play that up. I wanted to do something fun and inventive. Like a sunset/ocean scene made of candy.

So I bought 6 different types of candy and put together my masterpiece.

Only to discover that it looked a lot better in my head than it did in real life


Do you ever do that? Get a super grand idea in your head, positive of your genius, only to be disappointed with it in the end?

It just didn’t really say anything. I know–it’s just candy. But if you’re going through the trouble of taking a picture of something, it’s because it intrigues you. It tells a story, or simply captivates you in ways that you can’t really put into words.

I liked this angled shot, but it didn’t make sense on it’s own.


My eye kept getting drawn to the orange slices. I loved the simplicity of them and how the light got caught in all the sugar granules. I loved how I instantly felt like a child again when I looked at them, remembering hot California summers by the pool with my sister.

And so it was that I learned that sometimes the beauty is in the simple things, like my Dogwood candy shot.



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