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This week the challenge was to capture a landscape in black and white. Usually with landscape pictures, the vibrancy of the colors is what makes the shot. However, I live in the midwest and it’s the dead of winter right now. My whole world is already in black and white.

I was not sure if I was going to get this challenge done on time because my middle child came down with croup last Thursday. Then 2 days later, my oldest had it. Then a day later, the baby had it. Now, the husband and I have colds. I can’t really complain though, because we are staying pretty healthy all in all this winter.

We ran out of diapers on Sunday, forcing me to go to Target. So I took that opportunity to swing by a local park to find my subject for the challenge. I have never been to this particular park before because I had read that it doesn’t have any play equipment for kids. It’s more of a nature walk type of deal with an amazing view of the river. I  was intending on making the river my subject, but I took some extra shots of trees just in case it didn’t translate as well in black in white. I’m glad that I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket, because the river shot lost its magic when I sucked the color out.

Black and White River View (1 of 1)

Color River View

This tree was the second picture that I took. It was literally right behind where I stood when taking the river picture. I love it in black and white because it really makes the pale bark pop. Winter usually makes trees look barren and sad. But this tree shines through the stark white, as if it was waiting all year for those leaves to fall so it could show off properly. With no green to hide behind, this tree draws your eye in, saying, “I am enough on my own”.

Black and White Winter Tree (1 of 1)


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