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My mommy best friend is jumping off the cliff of faith today. She is taking a dream that God placed in her heart and finally saying ‘yes’ to it. Even though she finds herself in an arena that she knows nothing about. Even though she may fail. Even though she has 2 kids 2 and under so a good, productive day is when everyone has had a shower/bath, is fed, and is alive. She’s doing it anyway.

She is so very brave.

This woman is so many things to me. She is the embodiment of kindness and generosity. She is a spirit mother to my second born child. She is a most trusted sister in God, whom I am quick to turn to when life gets hard because she’s always ready and willing to meet me in the dark and twisty muck we all find ourselves in from time to time.

When talking about her business that she is starting over text she said that she was proud of herself for taking such a risk because she’s always been one to play it safe. I told her she stopped playing it safe when she became a mother. We create a life inside our bodies and then take on the responsibility of raising a tiny human. We are putting all of our love out there without any guarantee of them not growing into assholes and hating us. We step onto scared ground that we know nothing about and stare down fears of the unknown with love that can move mountains. She stopped playing it safe the moment she became a momma. She’s just finally testing out her wings to see how high she can fly.

The sky’s the limit Momma bird.


Motherhood Meme

The Proverbs 31 woman was incredible. She was the first to wake up and the last to go to sleep. She ran her household, sold goods in the marketplace, and made financial investments. Not to mention all the tiny humans she was raising as well.

God has given all of us such great potential. Becoming mothers doesn’t stifle any of that; it helps show us what we are capable of.

I’ll say it again–the sky’s the limit Momma Bird! So fly!

My dear, wonderful friend is starting a motherhood t-shirt line. She is opening up her shop for pre-orders TODAY. She’s starting with 3 awesome designs, but I’ve seen the others and they are also amazing! I love how she marries the beauty and the chaos of motherhood so simply in her shirts.

Her ‘Party Like It’s Naptime’ shirt made me laugh out loud because that is my life. And I know it’s yours too.

Party Like It's Naptime motherhood t-shirt

Her motherhood hashtag shirt speaks to all the different aspects of mom life.

Motherhood hashtag tee

And for the days when you feel like you’re failing, she has the perfect encouraging shirt for that too. Again because we all have those days.

Your Best is Enough tee

If you like these adorable shirts, head over to her shop to pre-order yours today: 

While you’re on her site, click around her blog because she’s also a phenomenal writer.

Support an amazing momma on her journey of owning a small business. And if you need a word of encouragement to help you gain the strength to stretch your wings, drop one of us a note and we will be there for you too!

We’re all in this together mommas!

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