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So here we are, a month into this photography challenge and I’m actually keeping up. Gold star for me!

This week’s challenge was to take a portrait of someone else.

I have 3 daughters, 2 of whom will willingly pose for the camera any day of the week. It’s incredibly easy to get gorgeous pictures of them because they love getting their picture taken. But what’s the point of a challenge if it’s not challenging? So instead of taking the easy route and capturing one of them, I decided to make my middle child my subject.

Arya is a frequent flyer on my blog because she keeps life interesting.

Here’s the one where she pooped on the carpet (for the second time): Potty Training Diaries: The Shit Storm

Here’s the one where we explore why she’s such an awesome big sister: Dear 2 Year Old: You’re Making the Baby Cry

And why she’s such an awesome little sister: How My Middle Child is a Professional Little Sister

And most recently, I shared her tendency to punch her older sister in the face when provoked: Herding Cats

So it should come to no surprise that she continues to be a pain in the butt when it comes to pictures. If she sees a camera pointed her way, she does one of 3 things:

  1. Runs
  2. Sticks her tongue out
  3. Points her butt at the camera, while laughing hysterically

The trick to getting Ary to take a good picture is to distract her with something else and sneak up on her.

She had just come inside after playing with her sister for exactly 5 minutes outside. Ary is a SoCal girl; she says that the snow “irritates” her. Even though she was done with the snow, she still wanted to watch Eowyn from the window. Oh how these girls love each other. They fight all. the. time. but they love each other fiercely.

So there she was, sitting in perfect light, wearing clothes (seriously a miracle), and completely caught up in watching her sister. “Wanna watch Eowyn wit me, Mama?” Of course I do, my sweet love.

A head shot should tell a story. It should intrigue others, make them ask questions about what that person is thinking, what they are feeling, who they are.

This is my Arya Kinlie. She is a spit-fire, always with a witty remark at the ready. She is forever doing. She is forever making noise and doesn’t care if her shenanigans are disrupting life around her. In fact, I believe that she was born to disrupt life around her. She is the ultimate candy sneaker. She is a pain in my ass who never listens to me and is constantly pushing every button I have and then creating new ones to push when she runs out. She loves with every single ounce of her tiny 31 pound body. She is fiercely loyal to her family. Though she is an extremely challenging child to parent, I would not change one single thing about her.

I love her so much that I sometimes feel as though I’m going to burst.

Child headshot


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  • Momma says:

    Beautiful light, and the gray and pink make her eyes pop! Oh, I love this wild child so much-such a perfect description of your sweet, audacious child! And I love you so much, my girl <3

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