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This week’s theme was red. Anyone who knows me at all knows that red is my favorite color. I mean, you have to really love a color to use it for your wedding dress.

Red Wedding Dress

I live in the Midwest, and it’s gorgeous, but very monochromatic during the winter. However I saw this as an opportunity to use the blank white canvas around me to really make my red subject pop.

We have a bush in our backyard that has red berries year round. Unfortunately they’re inedible, which is hard to explain to our preschoolers who insist on trying because, “They look so red and delicious!” With all the foliage gone, those red babies really shine. And suddenly a bush that easily fades into the background in the summer becomes the star of the backyard, because that red draws the eye in over the sea of white.

Funny irony of winter that is still difficult for my SoCal mind to process–the bright, sunny days are usually the coldest. My brain wants to equate the brilliant sunshine with warmth, but in winter the opposite is usually true. So it was on this day: the light was piercing, yet it was – 18°. The weather report actually put out a frostbite advisory because with the wind chill kicked the temperature down to as low as – 40°. They said that 10 minutes in that cold would give one frostbite.

But the berries were so very red in that blinding sunlight. The bush is located just outside my sliding glass door on the other side of our deck. All I would have to do is pop out on the deck, snap the picture, and pop back inside. That would only take 3 minutes, tops.

Except that my sliding glass door was frozen shut. What is this cold that freezes doors shut??! Seriously this is a bit much, God.

But I had already set my mind on capturing those berries. So I still bundled up (including mittens this time!) and headed out the garage door and ran around to the back.

It. Was. So. C O L D!!

But, this shot was worth it! I edited it on PicsArt (yes, I’m doing this challenge on my smartphone; I did say I’m not actually a photographer), choosing a filter that really made the red pop against the stark white surrounding it.

Here’s the original, unedited shot:

Red Berries in the Snow

And here’s the filtered shot:

Red Berries in the Snow

Winner, winner chicken dinner.

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  • Maria G. Haro says:

    Beautiful – beautiful scenary …. I can not even figure out living in a -0 temperature let along -40 *** My fingers freeze just by typing that kind of temperature…
    I hope that none of your children or pets go outside without you knowing….I enjoy very much reading your journeys….The Lord bless you….Nana

  • Tyler Jonsson says:

    We let them wander out there aimlessly for hours, Nana 😉

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