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Pin a Recipe, Feed a Child

I just discovered yesterday that Challenge Butter started a campaign that has been running since November 16 called ‘Pin a Recipe, Feed a Child’. They have a board on Pinterest called ‘Pin a Recipe, Feed a Child’ full of yummy savory and sweet recipes, and every time someone pins a recipe from that board, they will donate a meal to UNICEF to feed a hungry child. They are prepared to donate up to 75,000 meals, so let’s make sure that all of those meals get sent out!

Here’s the catch though guys–it ends tomorrow. I so wish I would have found out about this at the beginning of the campaign, but I know that I could still pin a decent number of recipes today and tomorrow. So can you! The recipes are all ones that I would want to try anyways, so it’s really a win-win situation. Plus you have the added bonus of telling your husband that your hours on Pinterest are helping to feed hungry children when he sees you glued to your phone for an hour and makes a joke about, “Uh-oh, mom’s on Pinterest again! Get ready for the mason jar salads!”

I can’t wait to try a dairy free version of these Apple Butter Rugelach.


This Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole is definitely going on my meal plan next month. Because, bacon.


My point is guys, there’s really yummy recipes on this board that you would pin anyways. But this time, pining them equals meals to hungry children. So the next time you’re on Pinterest today and tomorrow, please go check out the Challenge Butter 2015 Pin a Recipe, Feed a Child board. And please share with your friends so that we can get those kids as many meals as we can!

I hope you all have a fun and safe New Year!

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