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DIY Learning New Year's Banner for Kids

Hi guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. As usual, Christmas was crazy for us, but it was also fantastic because we weren’t sick this time!

Motherhood has put my standards very low.

I’ve never really made a big deal out of New Year’s in the past because honestly, I’ve been too tired to care. My husband and I have always been content to quietly ring in the new year in our pajamas at home. Especially after having kids.

But for whatever reason, I feel like making a bigger deal about New Year’s this time. Probably due to how hard the last couple of years have been for me personally. The idea of starting a new chapter is more appealing than normal at this point in my life. I’m excited to delve into whatever God has for us this coming year, and feel like celebrating. Plus motherhood has made me want to take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate. The days are long but the years are oh so very short. I want to soak up everything because I know that one day I’ll blink and my babies will be all grown up and leaving me to go on their own adventures.

So this year, I’m throwing a small New Year’s Eve party for our neighborhood friends. Still not sure if anyone can make it, but even if it’s just us, we’re going to have a ball!

I’ve just finished my first craft for our New Year’s bash, and had to pop on here quick to share it with you because I absolutely love it. I got the idea for a New Year’s banner with a changeable number at the end from Creekside Learning. My kids are 5, 3, and 1, so the whole idea of time and a changing year is still a concept that they don’t fully grasp. So I loved this simple idea to help them get the cogs moving upstairs!

Me being me, I of course broke out the Cricut machine to make a fancy snowflake shape and perfectly cut numbers. If you don’t have a Cricut, you could easily make your own numbers on any word processing program.

I decided to go with a traditional color scheme of black, grey, and white, but used pink glitter ribbon to add a pop of color.

Once all the numbers were cut out, I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge and liberally sprinkled white glitter over the whole surface. When it was dry, I shook off the excess and then sprayed spray Mod Podge on top to help the glitter set. Mind you, the glitter will still shed a bit, but it won’t be nearly as bad as it would be without it.

The spray Mod Podge dries pretty quickly. When the numbers are ready, use double sided crafting squares to attach the numbers to the banner pieces. I went for a snowflake looking design with it being winter and all, but you could really use any design you want. That’s the whole point of New Year’s–the future is full of possibilities!

DIY Learning New Year's Eve Banner for KIds

Then I pulled out pink glitter ribbon that I have leftover from Eowyn’s Doc McStuffins party 2 years ago and used it to form the banner. The snowflake design already had holes in it, but if yours does not, then you’ll need to punch holes on the sides of each piece of the banner. I cut the ribbon to be about 8 inches in length, then cut the width in half because the ribbon was too fat. A simple bow combined one piece to the other.

DIY Learning New Year's Eve Banner for KIds

Pardon the random specks of black glitter. I was making sparkly black circles at the same time and the glitter did what glitter does and contaminated my beautiful white numbers. Lesson learned–don’t do two projects at once!

Since this is a learning activity, I made the banner to read ‘2015’, but have an extra piece that has a ‘6’ on it. I simply tied the ‘6’ snowflake behind the ‘5’ loosely with ribbon so that the kids can flip the 6 over on January 1st.

DIY Learning New Year's Eve Banner for KIds

The kids just got a playhouse from Yaya for Christmas, so I figured that was the perfect spot for our new banner.

DIY Learning New Year's Eve Banner for KIds

DIY Learning New Year's Eve Banner for KIds

Super easy way to help get the kids excited about celebrating the coming of a new year!


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