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It has taken me almost two full Christmas seasons to make our very own advent. Last year I was on the hunt for Christ centered activities to do as a family, as a part of our mission to keep the focus of Christmas on Christ. I got some ideas from other mommy bloggers, but a lot of it is from me. I wanted to do something different than what I had been able to find anywhere else: split the Christmas story up so that we were exploring one part of it every day. It turns out that it can only be broken up into 19 pieces, as it really is a short but oh-so-sweet story. However, I came up with thematic lessons to do for the remaining 5 days, talking about the symbolism of Christmas icons like the tree and wreath. All of the lessons are geared towards young kids; elementary and pre-school aged. However, I believe that I’ve set a good foundation for others to build on who have older kids.

Most of the activities will only take 10-15 minutes. But let me say from experience, that that is truly enough time. Our kids love our advent activities, mostly because we are doing something together as a family. That’s all our kids really want: to do things together.

So if you too are yearning to do something with your family over Christmas that is fun, promotes family time, and is Christ centered, I really hope that you’ll give our advent a try.

The activity cards fit perfectly in invitation size envelopes. We used double sided square crafting tape to stick the envelopes onto poster boards. Then we shut each activity inside its own numbered envelope using Christmas stickers. The kids used the leftover stickers to decorate the boarders. We found nativity stickers at Target, and made a little nativity scene at the top.

I love everything about it.

If you’re wondering why only half of our envelopes have activity cards in them in the picture, it’s because I only had half of the activity cards done when we started. Good news–Jesus doesn’t care about perfection. In fact, He says we operate best with His Spirit in our weakness.

More good news–I finally finished the rest of the advent cards and have them here for you to download for free:

Some of the activities are crafts. Here are the posts where I show hoe to do them:

If you use our advent calendar, please let me know how your family enjoyed it! Of course, feel free to share it with any of your friends who might like it as well.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


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