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So our oldest daughter is turning 5 a week from today. 5??!!!? How did this happen? 5 year olds go to school. My kid can’t be school aged already!

I know everyone says this, but I’m living the very real truth of it–

It goes by so fast.

This year, she wanted a My Little Pony themed birthday party. By the time I’m done decorating, it’s going to look like a unicorn pooped all over my house. Rainbows are going to be everywhere, and it will be everything my little girl has been dreaming of for the last year (she’s literally been planning this party since her last birthday).

Unfortunately we’ve all been dying the last 5 days of a cold (?). This was the sickest I’ve been since we all had RSV in February. But we’re all on the upswing now, so we will be better by Saturday for the party. However, I have once again gotten absolutely no crafting done for the party, so everything is going to be last minute. Luckily my mom is flying in tomorrow, so I’ll have help. Otherwise I doubt that I’d be able to pull everything I have planned off.

But I did get the invitation done last week and wanted to share it with you all today.

The digital paper came from a free pack that I found off of Free Pretty Things For You. It took some serious digging through Google to find this; free rainbow digital paper is few and far between. The two fonts that I used are stock on my computer and are called, ‘Hobo Std’ and ‘AR Essence’. I will include the jpg of the MLP gang at the end of this post for anyone interested.

I really love how it came out! Looking forward to pulling all of my plans together and sharing it with you.

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  • Great Nana Haro says:

    Hi…the invites are really colorful and pretty …. Everyone is going to have a very Happy Time….Happy Birthday Eowyn …. I love you … GreatNana

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