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Hulk Graphics–Free Download

By October 6, 2015October 7th, 2015No Comments

**Update 10/7/15: I accidentally uploaded compressed files for the graphics in the original post. I have replaced them with the full size versions so that they won’t be pixalated for anyone wanting to print them.**


So while the baby slept on me last night but before I headed in myself, I created this simple, yet awesome Hulk graphic for the upcoming Sofia/Hulk party.

I got the idea from this pin on Pinterest.

Using the green digital paper and Hulk jpg that I used on my invitation (free downloads for both in that post if you click the link), along with the stock font ‘AR Darling’ and the free font ‘KA-BLAMO!’ from , I was able to make this in Picasa in about 10 minutes. The words ‘EAT’ and ‘REAPEAT’ are done in the ‘AR Darling’, and ‘SMASH’ is done in the ‘KA-BLAMO!’

Hulk Graphic Eat Smash Repeat


I’m including a copy of one that has just the words as well for anyone who wants a cleaner look. Personally, I kind of prefer the version without the Hulk jpg because I’m not a huge fan of the box around the picture. But the birthday girl is 3 and she’ll appreciate this a lot more if Hulk is actually pictured on it because she can’t read.

Hulk Eat Smash Repeat Plain

Just right click your favorite and chose, ‘Save As’.

Today I created what I’m calling the ‘Keep Calm Hulk’ graphic. I used the ‘Keep Calm’ font from Dafont for the words ‘Keep Calm and’, which perfectly mimics the font from the original WWII posters. Then I used the ‘KA-BLAMO!’ font again for the words ‘Smash Things’. I understand that it doesn’t look perfect because the backgrounds for the crown and the Hulk silhouette don’t match perfectly with the green digital paper that I used, but I’m on a budget of free or nothing for these graphics. Plus, it’s for a 3 year old. She’s not that detail oriented.

I went ahead and made 2 versions of this one as well for you all, in case anyone finds my somewhat ghetto graphics charming and would like to use them for their kid’s Hulk party.

Keep Calm with Hulk

Keep Calm with Crown Only

Here are the jpg’s of the Hulk silhouette and the Keep Calm crown that I used, in case anyone is interested (I just cropped the words out of the poster, leaving just the crown).

Hulk Silhouette Free Download

Green Keep Calm and Carry On Free Download

Happy Smashing!

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