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Yes, you read that correctly: a Hulk/Sofia the First fusion theme birthday party. Who in their right mind would want such a hodge-podge party, you ask? My soon to be 3 year old, Arya. Suffice it to say, she’s not your typical fru-fru little girl who poops sparkles and unicorns and princesses. I mean, she definately likes to dress up in tutus, she just pairs them with pink cowboy boots and a Hulk shirt.

Toddler Fashion: Hulk Shirt with a Tutu and Cowboy Boots

She marches to her own drum, and I wouldn’t have her any other way.

I was never really worried about how the two very different themes were going to mesh into a cohesive party, because this fusion theme is Arya. I couldn’t think of a better theme for her birthday. My concept is that Hulk is crashing Sofia’s party. So I want all of the decorations to look pretty and princessy, but destroyed, as if Hulk came through the party and smashed everything. To set the stage for this truly unique theme, I created a one of a kind invitation.

Birthday Invitation for a Hulk and Sofia the First Birthday Party

I do not know how to use Photoshop, so I used the collage function in Google Picasa. Picasa definitely has it’s quirks, but I knew that it was at least within my capabilities (and it’s free). It took a lot of work riffling through the internet to find free digital papers and jpgs, but it was worth it to make the invites free. I just sent everyone the digital file in private Facebook messages and emails, so I didn’t even need to pay to have them printed out. You can’t do any better than free, folks!

I would try to explain how I made them, but honestly it was so convoluted that I’m not sure it would be of any help to anyone else. Picasa does not save the original file after an edit is made, so you can’t try different edits of a file to compare side by side. I needed to use the green digital paper that I found 4 different times, each one needing a different shape. I ended up tricking Picasa by re-saving the same file of the digital paper 4 times in my folder, so that I could edit it 4 separate times. I’ve found that the best way to learn a photo editing program like Picasa is through trial and error. If you’re interested in creating something like this, you just have to dive in!

I can however, give you the links to the digital paper that I used, in case you need to create invites for your kid’s Hulk/ Sofia the First party (should you also spawn someone as peculiar as my middle child). Just right mouse click and hit ‘Save Image As’.

The Hulk font that I used is called, ‘ AR Darling’ (I have no idea who came up with that name, because nothing about it is darling). The font for the words ‘You’re Invited’ is called, ‘AR Decode’. Ironically, the font for the Sofia part of the invite is called, ‘YoureInvited’. These are default fonts on my computer, but if they aren’t on your computer and you don’t like any of the default fonts available to you, my favorite website for free fonts is

Hope you guys like what I did with my invitation! If your little one comes to you with a crazy out-of-the box theme idea for their birthday party, do your best to not say ‘no’ right away. You might be surprised at what you can come up with.

I’ve got a lot of crafting planned out for this party, so get ready for lots of party prep posts! We’re heading into birthday season in our household, as all three of our kids are October and November babies. Put your party hats on people, we party hard!


vivid green vintage textured paper - Copy (2)

I promise this isn't empty space; it's white digital paper

I promise this isn’t empty space; it’s white digital paper

Purple Polka Dot Digital Paper


Sofia the First jpg

hulk jpg

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