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How do you like the new look?

Pretty snazzy, eh?!

I enlisted my husband to help me give the old girl a bit of a face lift, because he knows a lot about web design. And by “help me”, of course I mean, “do all of it for me because I have no idea how to do this stuff”. He is such a rock star; my new site looks amazing!

Along with the new look, you will also notice some ads and affiliate links in some of my posts. I figure if I can try to make a little bit of money off of my writing to help my family out, then why not? Nothing about how I write will change; I will continue to write from the heart, and only share products that I personally use, truly love, and honestly think will bring value or benefit to you. I will never blow smoke up your butt just to make a quick buck. But let’s be honest–kids are expensive! So if my little blog can help my family even a little bit, that would be such a blessing.

What has prompted all this change, you ask? Well, I am so excited to tell you that Scary Mommy picked up my post, Dear 2 Year Old: You’re Making the Baby Cry and publishing it on their site today! I am absolutely thrilled to be teaming up with such a fun website and community of moms.

Here’s the link to my published blog post!

I hope you go read and enjoy it again on the Scary Mommy website, and share it with your friends!

Thank you all for joining me on this crazy adventure that is motherhood.

Cheers to all the adventures to come!



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