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My Baking Obsession

My Frozen Cake

By November 25, 20142 Comments

Here’s the thing–I’m the cake lady. For the past 7 years, if someone from my close circle of people needed a cake, they came to me. My cakes didn’t look that pretty when I first started out, but I’ve gotten good enough now that I would be confidant in selling one of my cakes. What I’m trying to say is–cakes are my thing.

I had grand plans for the Frozen inspired cake for our daughters’ combination birthday party. The (now) 4 year old wanted a Barbie cake, and I wanted to do a tiered cake. Our compromise was to do the Barbie cake and set it on top of a sheet cake that was tall enough for me to do the snow capped thing with winter wonderland detailing. I found this tutorial on how to make Frozen barbie cakes but I didn’t have/didn’t want to purchase the special doll dress pan that she had used. I didn’t think it would be a big deal to just carve the skirt shape out of stacked rounds.

Boy was I wrong.

Sticking the dolls in the cake instantly compromised the structural integrity of the cake. Once I started carving, it began crumbling and falling apart.


Hot. Mess.

Even though it was already crumbling on me, I decided to still try to put in Elsa’s slut slit.


That was dumb. I was panicking and not thinking clearly.

Right when I was in tears and ready to throw it in the trash, my husband stepped in, took the knife out of my hands, and did his best to save it. Although it didn’t fall to pieces, the shape was not what we wanted it to be and the cake as a whole resembled the leaning tower of Pisa. Since we didn’t need this cake for serving, we wrapped it in plastic wrap to help hold it together, then slapped some icing and fondant on it. Let me just say that it is hard wrapping barbie skirts in fondant. Especially when it’s two skirts that are melded together.


I did the best I could.

To cover the cracked fondant and ugly seams, I piped some stars on that I was hoping to pass off as “snowflakes”. I threw some detailing on Elsa’s dress along with silver luster dust to make it shimmer like her dress. Unfortunately, I ran out of time and wasn’t able to get to Anna’s detailing. I was pretty sad about that because the detailing on her dress is so pretty; I was actually looking forward to trying my hand at it.




I wanted to redeem myself with the sheet cake, but I had fondant issues with that one as well. It was such a beast of a cake that it was really hard to get the fondant to cover the whole thing in one piece. Plus, I was completely out of time. I had to just get it done.

This was the largest piece that I had to patch.


I told myself that it would be fine because I could just cover it with the white “snow” fondant, but of course that part had a seam in it.


Time was ticking though, and I had to get it done, so I moved on.

To add insult to injury, Baby Ary the destroyer nicked a piece off one of the sides when I wasn’t looking.


I patched it with leftover fondant, grabbed the royal icing, and piped some quick snowflakes and Christmas trees (the trees carefully placed to hide other fondant cracks), hoping people would focus on those instead of the nasty fondant work.

wpid-20141123_203902.jpgUnfortunately, I literally ran out of time and left an unfinished tree on one side!



Let’s just call it modern art.

I was able to make fondant Christmas trees (sprinkled with white sugar for sparkle) to plunk on the top, although I didn’t get around to piping snowflakes or even a ‘Happy Birthday’.


Definitely not my best work, but also not my worst.

When cake is your thing, you always think that your kids will have the absolute best you have to offer. But that has not been the case in my experience. When it’s someone else’s party, all I have to worry about is the cake. The cake gets 100% of my attention, so it turns out fabulous. But when it’s my party, I have to worry about every single little detail on top of the cake. My parties always have 5,000 details, so something always drops. Since I feel comfortable with cakes, I leave them to the very end, run out of time, and produce something that is unfinished. FOR MY OWN KIDS!!!

But, my girls were happy. “It doesn’t have to be perfect, Mom. I think it looks great!”, Eowyn told me. I wanted to correct her, to point out every single thing that was wrong with it. But instead, I took the compliment and told her what an angel she is.

Is my Frozen cake going to end up on Pinterest? Hell to the no. Does that matter? Absolutely not. What matters is that the birthday girls were happy. They had an absolute blast at their party and loved their cake. That is a job well done.

Every time I do a cake, I get better at my craft. I will continue to push myself, I will learn, and I will get better. But at the end of the day, if the client is happy, then we have to be happy.











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