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Frozen Birthday Party Prep: Sven Nutter Butter Cookies

By November 22, 2014One Comment

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get these done because I got behind on the birthday cake (which still isn’t done). In fact, I had pretty much written these off in the back of my mind. But then my soon-to-be 4 year old came up to me while I was covering the cake in fondant holding a picture of Sven that she had colored in. “This is for you to look at when you do the cookies so you know what he looks like”, she said sweetly. When I looked at her excited little face, I knew I couldn’t scratch the Sven cookies. Even if it meant staying up later than I already have to, I was going to get them done for her.

Luckily, it didn’t have to wait until midnight. I found an opportunity while she was at dance: Ary actually took a nap and although Laurelyn was cluster feeding again, I figured I could do these while I nursed because I had successfully finished my marshmallow pops last night while nursing.

The cookies were a bit more complicated however, and WAY messier. I got chocolate everywhere: the table, the boppy, the baby and my clothes. I hate chocolate work. It really takes a special person because chocolate is tedious and more temperamental than a hormonal woman in her last month of pregnancy. The chocolate was getting all over my fingers, so then it got on the candy eyes because of course I didn’t grab enough paper towels before I sat down. Then I was in quite the predicament because my hands were full of chocolate and the baby was asleep on my lap; I had no way to get up without getting even more chocolate on her! I ended up licking off what I could and using the burp cloth to wipe the rest off.

Of course the baby woke up when I tried to put her in her swing, but I grabbed diaper wipes and extra paper towels for round 2. After cookie #2, I decided got lazy and started only dipping one side instead of the whole cookie. No where near as messy, less time consuming because there’s less chocolate that needs to drip off, and uses less chocolate, which saves money. It would have been best to apply the candy eyes with sterile tweezers, but I didn’t think of it when I was shopping. I found the best way to apply the chocolate was to pour it onto the cookie using a spoon while holding it upright. Pretty sure the chocolate wasn’t hot enough most of the time, but I couldn’t get up and down while nursing. This made the chocolate thick and it didn’t drip as easily. No problem; I just used the back of a spoon to gently wipe the excess back into the bowl.

Is my chocolate work perfect? Please–don’t make me laugh! But they resemble reindeers (I think), therefore look like Sven (to toddlers anyway). My kids loved them, which is all that matters. I might get fancy if I have time later (Ha!) and pipe smiles on them. But if I don’t get around to it, I still think these little guys are pretty cute.


Hopefully Laurelyn lets me put her down so I can finish this cake. It is quite a hot mess right now…


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  • MARIA G HARO says:

    Everything looks so professional and good…Eowyn and Arya are going to have a wonderful party… you are an unbelievable mother…I am very proud of you…Love, Nana

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