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That Moment When the 2 Year Old is Trying to Nurse the Baby

By November 21, 2014One Comment

Eowyn woke up before either of her sisters this morning. She came and got me, and I carefully got out of bed so as not to wake up the baby, who had ended up in our bed around 6 am. I snuck into the girls’ room where Ary was still sleeping, nicked the monitor, and put it on my nightstand so I would be able to hear when the baby woke up. Ary is 2 now, so she would just yell for me at the baby gate at the top of the stairs when she woke up.

Eowyn and I are able to get through breakfast without a sound from the other two. When we’re finishing up, I hear Laurelyn fussing a bit on the monitor. Since Ary is still asleep, I quietly rush upstairs to get the baby before she starts crying. I open my door to find a naked Ary in my bed next to Laurelyn. She must have woken up and gone in there looking for me, discovered an awake Laurelyn, and knowing the sleep-eat-poop routine of babies, took it upon herself to try to nurse her baby sister. The reason Laurelyn started fussing was because she couldn’t get a latch!

I didn’t hear the door open or the bed creak over the monitor at all! Ary can be as stealth as a thief in the night. I am terrified of when that girl becomes a teenager; we don’t stand a chance. 

At first it was a bit disturbing to see her trying to get her sister to latch on to her “boob”. But then when I took a step back, I realized how beautiful it was. Ary is still innocent of the sexual association of breasts and only knows them for their primary function: to feed babies. She saw that her sister was hungry, and tried to feed her. She looked so proud of herself as she declared, “Mommy, I nurse baby!”

We weren’t sure how Ary was going to react to having a new baby in town because she’s a Mommy’s girl all the way. Although there was an adjustment period, she has taken on the role of big sister very well. She loves Laurelyn fiercely. And today is just evidence that not only is she a wonderful big sister, but one day, she is going to make an amazing mommy.


Cheers to a life that never lacks a dull moment!

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  • MARIA G HARO says:

    Arya is such a unique and smart two year old….it is adoring to see how wonderful she protects her little baby sister…All three girls have a big family bond that will last forever… love, Great-Nana

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