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Frozen Birthday Party Prep: Do You Want to Build a Snowman Game

By November 18, 2014No Comments

I got the idea for this Frozen inspired game from this pin on Pinterest. It’s a take on the old bridal shower favorite where you put guests in teams and have them make a toilet paper wedding dress on a volunteer model. However, I didn’t like the part where they covered the kids’ heads with the toilet paper; kindy creepy. So instead, I decided to make hats and carrot noses for the kids to put on with their toilet paper snowman “outfits”.

I Googled “how to make a top hat out of paper” and found this awesome YouTube video:

At first I was going to have the kids color the plates black like the woman did in the video, but soon realized that it was going to take too long.


I decided to just glue black paper on instead; much faster. However I ran into a problem when I assembled it: the paper I was using was smaller than the one the lady used in the video and I had cut the hole in the plate too small, so my first hat looked horribly disproportionate.



I don’t care if this is just for a stupid game at a kid’s party–I can’t stand behind something that looks that ugly. So I cut the hole in the plate to be a bit bigger and cut the circumference of the plate, and it looked much better!

If you are wanting to make these and are using regular construction paper instead of the jumbo sized kind like the one in the video, here’s the way I found worked best in making these.

First, fold the paper about a 1/3 of the way down lengthwise and cut fat fringe at the bottom:


wpid-wp-1416365200616.jpegThen, tape down the folded side (great part for the kids to help with):


Next, glue one end of the paper to the other, making a cylinder shape. Make sure to have the taped side facing in. Then, trace the outline of the end of the cylinder in the middle of a paper plate (make sure the plate is upside down):



Cut that circle out of the plate, and cut the rim of the plate off as well. Next, center the plate on a piece of black construction paper, and trace around the hole. Cut that circle out of the paper.


Put glue (I used tacky glue, but a glue stick or white Elmer’s glue would probably work too) over the entire surface of the plate, and then stick the paper on, being careful to line up the holes. Cut the excess paper off.


Then shimmy the cylinder inside the plate, leaving the fringed end on the white side of the plate. Tape down the tabs to secure the cylinder to the plate.


Next, cut a piece of blue construction paper lengthwise into 5 strips.


Cover the entire length of one strip with glue, and carefully place along the bottom of the cylinder, just resting on top of the plate.

I bought two 8 packs of party hats at Party City for $1 each (they are also sold at the Dollar Store), just to use the strings. Remove the string off of a party hat and tape to the inner rim of the snowman “hat”. Voila! An adorable paper top hat, worthy of a snowman.


Next for the carrot noses. My husband actual helped me with these. He cut a piece of orange construction paper in half width wise. Then he rolled them into cones and taped them down. I then cut the open end to make them a bit smaller. I again stole a string off a party hat and taped the ends to the inside of the “nose”.


Eowyn tried them on, just to make sure they fit right.


Meanwhile, Ary made a skirt out of the scrap rim of a plate and danced around.


I think this game will be a hit! The best part is that the only thing I needed to buy for this project was the birthday hats, so this cost a whopping $2.

So, what do you think–



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