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My Eggo is Prego: 35 Weeks

By September 21, 2014July 10th, 20162 Comments
35 Weeks

35 Weeks

Notice my adorable Fall sweater top? The weather here has been absolutely GORGEOUS! I’ve been ready for fall since the beginning of August. Let’s just say that being in your third trimester during summer sucks… Although I have to admit that we did have a really nice summer. I think the hottest it ever got was 90 degrees, and we only had like 2 of those days. The humidity was not as bad as I was anticipating it to be either. The natives say that they normally get more humidity, so this was another weather abnormality. But for once it was in our favor.

This week’s been tough physically for me; lots of contractions and the pelvic pressure is intensifying. I can waddle with the best of them now.


Actually, these guys are definitely faster than me.

Speaking of faster than me–it is getting more difficult to keep up with Ary. I mean if I’m being honest with myself, she’s been 2 steps ahead of me since I got pregnant with her. But now that I’m-GASP!-in the last week of my 8th month of pregnancy, she’s like 20 steps ahead of me. Literally. All the time. I have to sneak up on her to grab her for a diaper change, because if she sees me coming, she runs behind the couch which I’ve been too big to squeeze behind for months now. I’m seriously considering buying one of those kid leash things. Not really. But I mean, I think she would like it (hypothetically of course). I could tell her it was a game; she could pretend to be a puppy. All day long.

Despite my body slowing down and being a pain to live in, I’ve still been doing my best to get the kids outside as much as I can.

Having popsicles with their neighbor friends

Having popsicles with their neighbor friends

We turned away for 1 minute and she climbs on  the four wheeler

We turned away for 1 minute and she climbed on the four wheeler

Mind you, we have not made it outside every day. Friday for instance, I would get contractions every time I was on my feet longer than a minute. They would only go away if I sat down. So we watched movies (including, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, which is one of my favorite fall traditions) and read books and they played with their toys when they were bored of sitting. Of course it was the end of the world to Eowyn that she couldn’t go outside, but I wasn’t about to chase after them in my state and Tyler’s been swamped with work this week, so what are you going to do? We’ve definitely had fast food for dinner twice this week, because I just didn’t have the stamina to cook through contractions after I’d been having them all day.

Ary has decided that naps are dumb again, so I’ve been dealing with that frustration this week. They haven’t taken naps for the majority of this last week and it has really pushed me to my limit to fight with them for an hour over something that has always been a part of our routine. I don’t understand how one day they can be with the program and the next day go back 10 steps and need bed training all over again. You would think that once you set up a routine that that would be it, but they will change on you and the fight begins again.

Saturday was particularly hard. I had taken the girls outside to play for about an hour in between lunch and nap time even though I was uncomfortable and only wanted to sit down, in the hopes that it would tire them out enough to ensure a nap. None of Eowyn’s friends could play, but after she pouted about that, we had a nice time together. They rode bikes/princess cars; went on the swings; and then we walked around our entire 1 acre lot collecting leaves that have changed color. But despite all of the physical activity, Ary still was getting out of her bed during nap. I lost count of how many times I had to go in there to put her back in bed. The thing with Ary is that she can be very difficult to discipline because when she sets her mind to something, no amount of time outs or spankings will detour her. This is the case with bed training–I’ve tried time outs and spankings and scary Mommy voice, but she still stubbornly continues to try to sneak into her sister’s bed once she’s stopped crying. So I spent an hour putting her back in her bed repeatedly and all for not. They ended up not taking a nap. Also–it hurts to pick Ary up. For the past 3 months I’ve had pain in my right elbow. My doctor says it’s tennis elbow; probably a side effect of things loosening due to the pregnancy. It wasn’t too bad at first, but it’s gotten pretty bad. I’m taking magnesium/potassium supplements for it and stretching it, both of which seem to help.  So not only was I extremely frustrated, my elbow was killing me and my pelvic muscles were burning from all of the pressure.

I threw my maternity brace on and then had to jump right into making dinner, but first I had to wash a bunch of dishes that had piled up because of my increased discomfort and Tyler’s increased work load. I had taken away TV and dessert for not napping (it wasn’t just Ary who had been acting up; Eowyn was sassing me too), so the kids were left to their own devices while I got to work. They were both nagging me the whole time about when dinner was going to be ready because apparently they were starving to death, and kept running around the kitchen island despite me yelling at them not to. Then Eowyn comes into the kitchen to ask if she can help me make dinner. I tell her no because if I let her come and help then I also have to let Ary come and help. Anyone who has cooked with toddlers will tell you that you have to be in a patient mood going into it because it’s stressful and the exact opposite of helpful. Given what they had already put me through, I knew that I was not in a state to cook with them as well. Eowyn didn’t take hearing ‘no’ very well and started throwing a fit. She then retreated to her play room and came back 5 minutes later with a sweet-as-pie smile on her face. “Mom, I have a surprise for you! I cleaned up my special room.” I go look in her special room and find this:


Hell hath no fury like a pissed off 3 year old. I literally started crying when I saw this because I was already so stressed and worn out. It all went down hill from there. I went back into the kitchen to find Ary standing in a puddle of water. She can now reach the water dispenser that’s on the outside of our freezer door, and plays with it whenever she gets a chance. After I cleaned that up, she started climbing everything imaginable: up her bookcase to get to the window above it, on the kitchen table, on the coffee table, on the kitchen counters. She also kept trying to touch the oven while the biscuits were baking, completely ignoring me yelling, “NO!” at her. Somehow dinner got made, and after we ate, I sat on the couch with my feet up and supervised Eowyn’s clean up job to make sure she put everything back where it belonged. It took her almost an hour and a half to pick everything up, but she did it. Then they got put down for bed right afterwards. Ary only got out of her bed twice, and then they gave in to their delirium and passed out.

With how miserable I’ve been feeling physically, having this added stress of fighting over nap time has really pushed me to my limits. Sometimes I wonder what would be more stressful: to continue being pregnant and uncomfortable with the stress of the girls or to have the stress of the girls plus a newborn but not be so uncomfortable physically. I genuinely don’t know which I would prefer. For the first time, I’m actually scared to have the baby out because I honestly don’t know how and if I’m going to cope with 3 kids. But I know that God never puts us in situations that are beyond our ability to handle (though they may push us to our breaking point). I know that God has a plan for good for our family. I know that He is taking every step with me. Therefore even though I don’t understand how it’s going to work out, I know that we will be just fine.

And I know that He holds every one of my tears in His hands, because things like this keep happening: this is my Timehop for today…



Baby Stats:

-Baby is about 18 inches long and around 5 1/4 pounds, about the size of a honeydew melon

-Baby is starting to run out of space because of his/her size (although he/she is not head down yet and is still swimming around to my discomfort)

-The kidneys are fully developed now

-The liver can process some waste products

-Most of the physical development is now complete. The next month is all about putting on the fat and maturing the lungs


Here’s to more beautiful fall colors and sunsets!


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  • Maria G. Haro says:

    It is not easy what you are going thru…But, somehow you will manage…specially if Tyler and
    your Parents – in – law stay with the kids for a while so you can have a break… Remember to
    take a nap with the kids – housework can always wait – as it does not go away…Keep on praying to The Lord as He Loves and will help you…. It is great that Your Dad, Mother and Sister are
    going and will help you – how I wish I could too….Take good care,
    Love always,

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