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My Eggo is Prego: 29 Weeks

By August 10, 2014July 10th, 2016One Comment
29 Weeks

29 Weeks

How did this pregnancy go by so fast? I can’t believe that in one short week I’ll be entering my 8th month (all of these posts run a week behind remember, so today I am actually 30 weeks pregnant). The baby could very realistically be here in 2 months. And we don’t even have a dresser for the poor kid yet! Where the heck are all the baby’s clothes going to go?? Eowyn suggested that Ary could share her drawer with the baby, since she’s a baby too. But Ary’s drawer is already full, I remind her. Well just put the clothes in the living room, she says. What, in a pile on the floor of the living room? Yes, Mom–what’s the problem?

Ah good old toddler logic. Never faulty or full of holes.

Anyways, so now I’m scouring garage sales, Goodwill, and Craig’s List for a dresser that I can rehab into something fitting for our newest addition. Hopefully before he/she gets here. Seriously, what have I been doing with my life? Obviously not preparing for the baby.

Speaking of Doctor Who, I just finished up David Tennant’s run and I’m really upset that he’s gone. I do not like Matt Smith one bit. Tyler says I’m going through the normal phases of a fan acclimating to a new Doctor, and that I’ll warm up to Smith soon. Even if I do warm up to him (which, 5 episodes in, hasn’t happened yet), I doubt he will ever take the place of David Tennant for me. David Tennant, you are my Doctor.

Tyler & I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary on Thursday. 5 years married sounds so adult. Yet again, so does having 3 kids. When did we grow up exactly? I must have missed it.

The 3 people who we know well enough and who live nearby were all out of town this week, so we literally had no one to watch the kids for us. Except for 2 poor unsuspecting teenagers who left a babysitting flyer in our mailbox last month. But neither of us had the heart to leave them with Baby Ary. They’re still just kids themselves afterall; Ary would have eaten them for breakfast. Although it would have been excellent birth control for them. Anyways, we decided to just accept our fate and make the most of celebrating our anniversary as a family. I had planned on recreating a tier of our wedding cake as a surprise for Tyler, but while the crumb coat was setting in the fridge, I made the mistake of popping to the loo for 2 minutes (told you–WAY too much British telly). While I was still in the bathroom, I hear Tyler come up from his office and exclaim, “ARYA! Oh no! Arya–no baby! What did you—” Pure terror filled my soul, because my initial thought was that she had pooped everywhere again. Ary started crying and ran into the bathroom to find me, (have I mentioned that becoming a parent also means forfeiting all rights to privacy?) She was covered in chocolate cake crumbs. I was so relieved that it wasn’t poop that I started laughing hysterically to the point of crying. The cake design hadn’t been cooperating anyways, so I threw in the towel. Instead of stressing myself out trying to save it, the girls and I had cake for lunch. Sometimes you have to know when to call it quits.

Ary the Demolisher Strikes Again

Ary the Demolisher Strikes Again

The day of our anniversary we laid low and played outside with the kids. I refused to make dinner, so even though eating out with the kids is hectic and stressful, we took a chance and dined at Applebee’s. I know that God was intervening because they were little angels the whole time. I daresay that was the smoothest dining experience we’ve ever had with them. After dinner we headed over to the grocery store and all picked out our own candy. There was nothing good at Redbox, so we opted to watch Doctor Who together. I spread a blanket on the floor, we made popcorn, and had a picnic of treats in front of the TV. Was it the evening that I had been hoping for our 5 year anniversary? Not by a long shot. But I’ve learned awhile ago that life never goes the way we want it to. We have to make our plans with no expectations other than them getting completely scraped for something out of left field. And if our anniversary had to be crashed by anybody, there’s no one else I’d rather pick than our awesome kids.

The card I made for Tyler for our anniversary using the front of one of the many wedding programs we have left over

The card I made for Tyler for our anniversary using the front of one of the many wedding programs we have left over

My Braxton-Hicks have calmed down significantly this week, which I am very grateful for. I’ve been extraordinarily tired though, and nauseous almost every day. Thank God for Zofran!


Baby Stats:

-Baby is about 2 1/2 pounds and just over 15 inches, about the size of a butternut squash

-Muscles and lungs continue to mature

-The brain is still growing and is busy developing billions of neurons

-About 200 milligrams of calcium are being deposited into baby’s skeleton every day, helping the bones to harden

-Baby’s nutritional needs reach a peak during this trimester (bring it on, baby weight)

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  • Maria G Haro says:

    Thank you for writing about you and your family….It makes me feel that we are closer to you….You look great!….I am glad that you had a”family” anniversary and that you all enjoy….
    The Lord bless you and your family…, Nana

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