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My Eggo is Prego: 26 Weeks

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26 Weeks

26 Weeks

Behold the face of a worn-out-way-too-pregnant-in-the-middle-of-potty-training mom. Better yet, let’s just focus on the bump…

Yes, this post is late. We’ve been plagued by sickness this week, so I’m shocked I’m even producing anything if I’m being honest. Baby Ary came down with a fever on Wednesday, which got as high as 102-ish (I say “ish” because I didn’t realize until the day was almost over that our thermometer wasn’t working properly). It only lasted that day, but on Thursday she woke up with a rash on her torso. When the rash spread to her back after breakfast, I got a same day appointment and took her in to get seen. By the time we got to the doctor’s office, the rash had spread to her bottom, her thighs, her arms, and the backs and palms of her hands. Turns out she had roseola, which is a respiratory virus that causes a high fever that lasts for a day and then a rash that can last up to a week.

Despite having been shipped off to the grandparents house all day Wednesday when Ary was battling the fever, Eowyn spiked a fever on Thursday night and was fighting it all day Friday. The fever was gone on Saturday, but she threw up a couple of times and was tired and grumpy all day. Then Sunday it was my turn. I woke up more tired than usual and felt the tell-tale chills by noon. I pawned the kids off to the husband, took some Tylenol to nip the fever in the bud, and took to my bed for 3 hours.

On top of the sickness and the potty training (or lack there of, as Ary’s been in a Pull-Up most of the week), our house was also a bit of a construction zone from Monday to Friday. The shower in the master bathroom had to be completely gutted and replaced because whoever installed it didn’t put the pan liner in properly. Every time the shower ran, the water was draining directly into the curb of the shower and the floor. If we hadn’t of discovered the problem and taken care of it, the shower would have eventually fallen through the main floor ceiling. Good thing there’s home inspections to discover these things BEFORE you buy a house… Oh wait, I discovered it 6 months after we moved in… I’m just so glad that we found out about the problem and we were able to get it fixed before any serious damage was done. But having that going on in the background of potty training, messed up sleeping schedules, and sickness was a bit much. But it’s done, and I can’t wait to go try out our beautiful new shower.


In case you ever find yourself needing to transport a shower door and 2 toddlers in the same vehicle, just do what I did and tell the 3 year old to slouch down a bit and balance it on their heads. It was only a 5 minute ride; totally harmless. At least I didn’t pull a Britney; they were in their car seats.


Seriously though–what was she thinking?

In between the bouts of sickness, I was able to surprise Tyler with a visit from his best friend, whom he hadn’t seen in 2 years. This friend joined the Army, and has been overseas this whole time. He messaged me on Facebook saying that he was planning a visit back home and wanted to surprise Tyler. I am a horrible liar and therefore really bad at surprises, but I actually managed to pull this one off! Except for 30 minutes before his friend’s arrival when my lie of “your parents are coming over for dinner” bit me in the rear because Tyler went to text his parents to ask them to bring something when they came over. So I had to tell him that it wasn’t his parents after all, and then endure 30 minutes of him trying to probe out of me who our mystery guest was. He was getting irritated and grumpy over it, which I thought was hilarious. When our guest finally arrived, Tyler’s frustrations instantly melted away and turned to joy. It was such a nice evening and I know it meant the world to Tyler. I must work on my improv skills for future surprises however, because I really am awful when it comes to these things.

My hip discomfort is really getting quite bad. With everything going on last week, I wasn’t able to make it in to see my chiropractor and boy did I pay for it! Nerves are getting pinched and causing tingling and cramps down my legs. The only thing that seems to help is for me to lay on my side with a pillow in between my legs for 30-40 minutes. Because I really have time to do that 3-4 times a day while Ary pees on everything and Eowyn does back flips off of the couch.

haha no

On the plus side, I haven’t had much swelling yet. I retained a lot of water with Eowyn and swelled up with Ary a bit too, so at this point in both of those pregnancies I had to remove my wedding ring because it got to be too tight. This time round however, my ring is still nice and loose. My feet have gotten swollen though, so my favorite flats no longer fit. Good thing it’s flip flop season.

Henderson is really getting active. Dad finally felt a kick this week! As the baby is getting bigger, the movements are getting slightly less cute and more uncomfortable. I tried playing the flashlight game, but Henderson wasn’t amused. I didn’t get anything out of that kid! The baby may not respond to light, but he/she definitely responds to sound. Any time there’s music playing or if someone is talking within close proximity of my belly, this baby goes nuts. Eowyn got to feel quite a few kicks the other day because she kept talking to him/her. Both the girls seem to be getting more and more excited about their new baby, and are always wanting to give the baby hugs and kisses. Melts my heart every time.


Baby Stats:

-Baby is 1 2/3 pounds and 14 inches in length, about the size of a scallion

-The network of nerves in Baby’s ears is better developed and more sensitive than before (explains a lot)

-Baby is practicing breathing using amniotic fluid



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