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Potty Training Diaries: Days 4 & 5

By July 13, 2014June 29th, 2015No Comments

Day 4 of potty training was only slightly less successful than day 3; she had 2 more accidents than times that she made it to the toilet. We did about 7 hours of no diapers though, which was the longest we’ve managed so far.

Day 5 of potty training…I pretty much gave up. The girls woke up 2 1/2 hours earlier than they normally do: 6 am. I basically threw in the towel right then and there. No way was I going to deal with pee puddles all day with two grumpy kids with my fuse as short as it was from lack of sleep. When I went to get the dogs from their kennels, this is what I found:


Not only had they escaped from the kennel AGAIN, but they had also decided to chew up the drywall and insulation in their spare time.

The final nail in the potty training coffin was my back. It’s been on the skids since California, but the last 4 days of sitting on hard wood, tile, and being on my knees cleaning up potty messes really did it in. I could just feel that if I didn’t see my chiropractor that day that it was going to go out on me come Monday. Since the girls woke up with the roosters and I was going to be a walk-in on a Saturday, I got to the office right when they opened at 10 am (which is usually when we’re wrapping up breakfast). I was able to be seen with no problems and felt infinitely better afterwards. With my relaxin levels rising from the pregnancy, it’s going to be really important for me to get adjusted once a week. Otherwise, my back is not going to make it.

I swung by Target on our way back from the chiropractor’s and picked up some Pull-Ups. I can’t do the hard core let-them-pee-themselves-until-they-get-it method non stop this time. It’s just unrealistic given the antsy 3 year old who hates being cooked up inside and the fact that I’m pregnant. I physically can’t play around on hard wood and be on my knees scrubbing the floor all day, every day. And that’s ok. I think we did enough of the hard core thing for Baby Ary to be aware of the sensation at least, which is really a huge part of the battle. She was in a pull up or diaper all but one hour today, and so the whole day was all accidents except for one time that she made it to the toilet. But, each time she peed in the pull up, she told me, “Potty, now!” So at least she’s not regressing; she’s now aware of that bodily function and is trying to control it. Every day I will do my best to keep her bare bottomed for as long as we can manage. Some days it may be 5 hours, and some days it may not happen at all, and that’s ok.

I’m so sick of reading other blogs about moms who “potty trained” their toddler in a day or a week. That’s such bullshit. Sorry, but that’s the only way to put it. I do not believe that any child could go from being in diapers without a care in the world to being able to hold it until they get to a toilet in anything less than a month. And that’s ok that it takes that long! It took Eowyn 10 weeks to earn the title of being potty trained. She worked really hard for it because we told her we would put her in dance class if she was potty trained. I’m so proud of her for the effort that went into those hellish 10 weeks. If we stop trying to make it sound better and faster than it really is, then we wouldn’t be setting other moms up for failure and disappointment when their kid takes longer than a day or a week. Why are we always competing?

So if this is your first time in the potty training rodeo, I’m going to give it to you straight right now: it’s going to take at least 2 months to fully potty train a kid. Some kids will take longer than that, and that is perfectly ok. They all are on their own little journeys and develop differently. That is at least 2 months of mostly staying home. At least 2 months of scrubbing pee and poop off of your floors. At least 2 months of the worst frustration you will ever feel (until they hit puberty). It is the beginning of years of being tied down to the will of a toddler’s bladder and bowel, which are horribly unpredictable. It is awful and draining and you will cry.

Weep and then die gif

But here’s the thing: it’s ok to hate this part of raising kids. It’s ok to get frustrated, cry, and want to give up. We all do. What matters is that you keep trying. You will find a method that works best for you and for your kid (and the method that worked for your first may not work as well for your second; remember, they’re all different). You will survive this Dark Ages of toddler-hood. And there will be a handful of moments a day (hopefully) where you get to see your kid’s face do this because they put their pee-pee and poo-poo in the potty:


Ary’s version of a thumbs up

And suddenly, it all becomes worth it.


On a side note, there will be no prego bump update this week for 3 reasons:

  1. I completely forgot to take a picture at the start of the week
  2. I’ve been blogging almost every day this week, so there’s really nothing new for me to share
  3. I accidentally posted the Baby Stats for this week on last week’s post. I write these things at midnight; I was tired and mixed up the weeks when I was looking the stuff up. Sorry.

There’s literally nothing for me to write about that you haven’t already heard: Henderson’s movements are getting stronger and more frequent; my discomfort is rising; my irritability is higher, so I’ve been a joy to be around; my OB appointment on Monday went perfect.


Here’s to getting my -ish together this week!

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