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Potty Training Diaries: Day 3

By July 10, 2014June 29th, 2015No Comments

Today was infinitely better than the last 2 days. Thank you to everyone who said a prayer for me today; I could feel them in action!

Baby Ary woke up with a dry diaper this morning. That’s right kids–bone dry after 10 hours! I put her little butt directly on the toilet, and within 10 minutes she was peeing. She ended up drawing even with potty fails and successes today: 6 times in the pot, and 6 accidents. Two of the successes were initiated by her (she told me she needed to go), but were really a combined effort because both times she wanted off of the toilet after 30 seconds. I forced her to stay on by physically restraining her/ bribing her with Elmo videos on my phone. And both times she ended up peeing a minute later. Had I let her off when she wanted off, those would have both been accidents. I’m learning more about how her body works, and so is she. Three days in and I’ve been successful in keeping all accidents off of the carpet; if that had been my only victory so far, I’d still call it a win.

Ary isn’t as good as Eowyn was about sitting on the potty when she doesn’t feel the need to go, so it’s been challenging to get her to sit as long and as frequent as I would like. I’ve been seeing a lot of this face the last 3 days:

Ary's 'I don't want to sit on the potty' face

Ary’s ‘I don’t want to sit on the potty’ face

Poor Eowyn is getting cabin fever. Usually the girls and I are outside frequently during the days, so being shut in has been really hard for all 3 of us. There have been many fits over the TV being shut off in order to keep Baby Ary off of the carpet, and other assorted toddler dramas. But all in all, Eowyn has really handled the stress of potty training and the boredom of being on lock down very well. She’s been such a great helper to me, bringing me towels when Ary’s had an accident, helping me keep her off of the carpet, and being her biggest cheerleader every time she pees in the toilet. So I’ve decided to give Eowyn little rewards along the way of this awful journey as well, because she deserves it.

Nap time was finally a success today! It took an hour and a half of me putting Ary back in her bed repeatedly and 4 trips to the potty between the two of them, but they finally gave up and slept. I was so elated and relieved because I desperately needed the break. I dumped the baby monitor on Tyler and grabbed the keys to the car faster than Ary running away from the scene of a crime, lest they should wake before I made my escape. I’m pretty sure with the state of my caveman eyebrows, frizzy hair which hasn’t been brushed all day, and the crazed look in my eyes that I probably looked a look like this:

elated gif

At least that’s how I felt.

Walking through Target was the best thing ever. I was tempted to stay there forever.

I am never going back gif

But after getting the “needed” (not really needed) groceries (which may have included cookie dough), grabbing a new pack of crayons as a treat for Eowyn, and picking up the Disneyland pictures for Eowyn’s autograph book, I of course came back. Good thing too because the girls had woken up and Ary was beside herself. She spent a good 20 minutes sitting underneath her highchair crying uncontrollably while I was putting dinner together. Tyler, Eowyn and I tried to console her, but to no avail. There are so many changes going on in her little baby world with potty training and switching to a toddler bed. Add to that the completely jacked up nap schedule, and she just doesn’t know what to do with herself. I’m pretty sure that for everyone’s sanity’s sake that I’m going to plan on hard core potty training for 5 hours a day. By the time dinner rolls around, non of us have the wherewithal to do it anymore. She’s doing so well, that I don’t think having her in a diaper for the last 4 hours of her day is going to mess her up too terribly. Today for instance, I only had to change her diaper once after nap; I was able to get her to go potty in the toilet one more time after dinner.

This is a huge adjustment for all of us, and overall, I’m happy with all of the progress that has been made. I’m sure that she’ll earn her first smiley face soon : )

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