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My Eggo is Prego: 21 Weeks

By June 19, 2014July 10th, 20162 Comments

Sorry this post is [COUGH!] 4 days late…June has turned out to be really busy, and will only get busier. I wouldn’t be surprised if I skip a week all together…Like week 23, for instance…We’ll see.

21 Weeks

21 Weeks

This picture was taken at 9:30 in the morning last Sunday. That’s when I’m normally having breakfast. But last Sunday one of Tyler’s cousins had a graduation party at 11 am, and they live 2 hours away (yes, we were late). Considering that I’ve literally been running on fumes since the end of May, I think I look pretty good. I even managed to throw makeup over my dark circles AND put on a dress. What more could you ask of a girl?

Seriously, I’m so grateful that Henderson is letting me have coffee again because it’s the only reason I’ve survived this month. Although, I do feel like the caffeine patch lady from Meet the Robinsons.

I Have not slept in 8 days gif

I came up with the creative idea of putting together a college survival kit for Tyler’s cousin, instead of giving him a card of money. That would have been way too adult of us; Tyler may be 30, but I’m not. We just aren’t at a point in life where we can take ourselves that seriously. What started as a kind of joke gift actually turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself. The kit comprised mostly of junk food, as that is what you live off of when in college. But it also had some legitimately useful items like a good spaghetti pot, a travel Brita water bottle, a flashlight (for that time when you forget to/can’t afford to pay your bill), and $5 in quarters (for the laundromat). Gold star for me.


We had a really nice time at the party. But then it was a long drive home with a cranky Baby Ary who cried for 3/4 of the trip. Luckily Eowyn is her father’s daughter and was able to sleep through her sister’s never-ending tantrum, because we had just enough time to change when we got home before her and I were out the door again to go to the dress rehearsal for her dance recital. It was a very long day.

The next day, Eowyn had her final dance class of the season. I will miss seeing her do her thing every week, but it will be nice to have a break.

Eowyn has this habit of inviting her friends from dance class over to the house without actually asking me first. She’s completely perplexed by this notion of making plans for future days, when in her mind, they can just come over and play today. So to appease my 3 year old socialite, I scheduled a play date with one of her friends for later in the week. The night before the play date, the mom texted me to confirm that we were still on, and good thing that she did because I had already forgotten! Worst. Mom. Ever. YES! said I. YES, WE ARE STILL ON! PLEASE BRING YOUR CHILDREN OVER SO MINE WILL STOP HARASSING ME ABOUT IT! In all seriousness though, I really love this family. The girls are great and I get along wonderfully with the mom; really she’s my only friend out here so far.

The girls had a blast playing dress up, and running around outside like crazy people. And I had a nice time talking to a grown up about grown up things.



Like I said before, we are in the middle of our busiest month in ages. This week one of my friends from California is visiting us and next week we’re going out to California to visit family and other friends. So naturally, Baby Ary would pick this as the opportune time to be ready for potty training. This last week she has started coming up to me saying, “Potty! Potty!”, while attempting to take her diaper off. I’ll put her on the toilet to appease her, but 2 of the times, she actually peed! While I was proud of her, I absolutely refuse to start potty training her until after our California trip. Potty training requires you to basically not leave your house for a month (or 2). No way am I going to start that horrible process right before we have a house guest and a big trip. This child has the worst timing. Again–very proud of her! But seriously horrible timing.

Eowyn totally nailed her dance recital this last weekend! She’s such a natural performer; she’s never gotten stage fright. I daresay she loves being on stage. While the lights were still down before her first routine, she waved into the darkness and said with glee, “Hi Mom!” Everyone in the audience heard her and laughed. It was the sweetest thing. We could tell that she was having a blast the whole time she was up there; totally thriving in her element. I mean, look at this kid:

For the record, I did not pose her this way. She did this entirely on her own.

For the record, I did not pose her this way. She did this entirely on her own.

By the looks of it, her sister is closely following in her footsteps:

Ary trying to steal her sissy's shoes before the show.

Ary trying to steal her sissy’s shoes before the show.

After the show ended, they raised the curtain and Ary bolted for the stage. She grabbed a balloon and started dancing and running around the entire stage with absolute abandon. Look out world–these girls mean business!

Lately Ary has become very attached to my belly. She loves to cuddle with it, and gives Henderson lots of kisses. While we were laying on the floor watching a movie, both the girls were cuddled up on my tummy, hugging their baby. I wasn’t expecting Ary to get super attached to the baby at all. She’s always been a Mommy’s girl,so honestly I’ve been a little worried about her becoming jealous once the new baby is born. But now, I think she will do just fine.


Whenever Eowyn talks about the baby, she always refers to it as “my brother”. We keep trying to tell her that it might be another girl, but she keeps insisting, “But I want a brother.” When asked if she will still love the baby if it turns out to be another sister, she replies, “I want a brother”. Hope she doesn’t end up like this kid:


Baby Stats:

-Baby is around 10 1/2 inches long and 12 ounces; about the size of a large carrot

-Baby’s eyebrows and eyelids are present now

-Arms and legs are in proportion

-Neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles

-Cartilage is turning into bone



I’ve had a lot of pelvic pressure with this one. I had this same pressure with the other two, but not until much later on; somewhere in the 8th month. It makes sleeping, sitting, and standing difficult. Basically, it makes life difficult. I’m not looking forward to it intensifying as Henderson gets bigger.

Cheers to another fun filled week!


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  • Rose says:

    Love the update you look good Amanda. Can’t wait to see all of you.

  • Maria G. Haro says:

    I look forward to all the happenings with your Family…Life can be trying but it ends up being great…. You are an excellent story teller…. Thank you for sharing with all of us…

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