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My Eggo is Prego: 20 Weeks

By June 8, 2014July 10th, 2016One Comment
20 Weeks--Halfway There!

20 Weeks–Halfway There!

I’m finally at the halfway point! This pregnancy has flown by for me. Probably because of the other two tiny humans that consume all of my time.

Speaking of time flying by, this week went by fast. Try to keep up:

Last Sunday was the hubby’s 30th birthday! He’s officially old. I made him a Boba Fett cake, because he’s a huge Star Wars nerd and that’s his favorite character. It was banana flavored cake with salted caramel buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant, all of it made from scratch. So. Much. Work. But so utterly worth it. I did my best to photograph the whole process of me pulling this cake out of my butt and plan on doing a special post on it.


We went to the Mall of America with his parents to celebrate, feasting at Tony Roma’s for an early dinner. Then Tyler and I went to the Star Trek exhibit that they have there, while Mimi (Tyler’s mom) took the girls into the Barbie Dream House Experience (Tyler’s Dad watched the stroller and bags, as he was interested in neither of those things lol). So we kind of snuck in a mini date, which was really nice.

Tyler and I being nerds at the Star Trek exhibit

Tyler and I being nerds at the Star Trek exhibit

The girls LOVED Barbie's Dreamhouse. Eowyn was particularly excited about the dolphins in Barbie's toilet.

The girls LOVED Barbie’s Dream House. Eowyn was particularly excited about the dolphins in Barbie’s toilet.

I had one of my first “grown up” experiences: we had to pick out tile for our master bathroom shower. There’s a water leakage problem, so the whole shower has to be gutted. I felt kind of silly looking at tile selections. I’m fully aware that I’m an adult, and married, and a mom and all that. But sometimes I can’t help but feel like a college kid, and at a complete loss as to why someone is asking me about tile. I almost want to say, “Heck if I know; go ask the adult”. Then I remember that I am that adult! I think this is the beginning of what my parents have been talking about my whole life about how they still feel like their 20-something year old selves stuck in an older body. Basically what I’m saying is that I’m getting old. And it’s weird.

We got to have our ultrasound of Henderson this week! We took the girls with us, because we thought it’d be a fun experience to share with them. Eowyn was so excited when I told her that we were going to go see the baby. Well, at first she thought that we were going to see the baby in person (I.E. It was finally going to “pop” out of my tummy). Then I had to try to explain the process of ultrasound to a 3 year old; still not quite sure how well that went. She was all into watching the baby move around on the screen and identifying all the body parts (except of course the part; we still don’t know the sex). Baby Ary on the other hand, started crying very loudly the second the doctor came in the room. She cried through the first half of it, which made listening to the doctor almost impossible. She’s too little to understand much of anything as far as the new baby is concerned, so the whole experience went completely over her head. But it was still nice to be able to have that experience as a family. So far, Henderson looks great! Everything is developing as it should, and he/she is looking mighty cute:

Another beautiful baby in the making!

Another beautiful baby in the making!

Tyler had the idea to have the doctor freeze one of the ultrasound pictures on the screen so that we could gather around it and take our first family photo with all 5 of us. So glad we have this!


Baby Ary is not impressed

My glasses finally got added to the long list of stuff that’s been desolated by Baby Ary. It started as a small crack that was only slightly irritating, so I let it go for about a month. But then the crack grew and it was literally covering half of my left eye. It was just about the most irritating thing in the world, so Tyler and I finally went in to get our eyes checked. It’s been 3 years since our last eye check up, and it’s been at least a year and a half since either of us has had any contacts. So we got some contacts and I ordered new lenses for my glasses. Much needed, and long overdue.


We’ve become friends with our next door neighbors, as they have a little girl who is the same age as Eowyn and a little boy who just turned one. In the spirit of friendship, I offered to make a cake for the party which was on Saturday. She asked for a Thomas the Train cake, and I’ve got to say that I’m pretty proud of my creation. Everyone at the party was really impressed, and a few of them asked me if I was a professional. I had to stop myself from laughing! My cakes are good, but not near the professional level. That’s not me being hard on myself; I just know that there are certain detail errors that all of my cakes have, and it’s those tiny details that set the professionals apart from the amateurs. But it was still nice to hear such positive feedback from strangers, as it was a lot of work. As with the Boba Fett cake, I plan on doing a post on the process of putting this one together too.


As a present, I came up with the idea of constructing a Thomas the Train out of a cardboard box. Toddlers and young kids in general are notorious for playing with the box that the expensive toy came in more than the toy itself. Especially one year olds. So I thought, why not give the kid what he really wants? I think it came out super cute.



Funny story:

So my mother-in-law made a fairy garden with Eowyn for me for Mother’s Day. Along with the flowers, there is a fairy, a banner, and a bird’s nest inside. The other day, I noticed that there were live baby birds inside our nest! I posted a picture of them on Facebook because I thought it was so crazy that a bird came and laid eggs inside our fake nest. My mother-in-law calls me after seeing my post saying, “I can’t believe that a bird laid eggs in that nest you put in!” I was completely confused, because I thought that she had put the nest in. Turns out that it was a real nest all along, and we both assumed that the other had put it in there! You have no idea how many times Baby Ary took that nest out of there before the eggs had hatched! How traumatizing would it have been if she had dropped it and the eggs had broken?? Since I thought it was fake, I was never careful when I watered the plants; I just sprayed water over everything! We almost committed bird genocide on accident.

Our Baby House Swallows

Our Baby House Swallows

I have been craving Mexican food this week. Tacos are my favorite. I made myself these beauties for lunch the other day out of leftover homemade Spanish rice, homemade salsa, and avocado. DELICIOUS.


The most exciting news for this week: I LIKE COFFEE AGAIN!!!! I had my first cup of coffee Saturday morning, and it was the best thing ever. With Eowyn, I didn’t start liking coffee until I was 7 months pregnant. With Baby Ary, it was 6 months. This baby is now my favorite, for it has given me back my coffee at 5 months. Good on you, Henderson.

Hello my old friend. Oh, how I have missed you!

Hello my old friend. Oh, how I have missed you!

Are you tired yet? I sure am!


Baby Stats:

-Baby is about the size of a banana, weighing in around 10 1/2 ounces and measuring around 10 inches head to heel

-Baby is swallowing more, giving his/her body good practice at digestion.

-Because of all the extra swallowing, baby is starting to build up meconium in the bowels (I know, lovely fun fact)


Overall, I’m finally getting my energy back (which is evidenced by everything I did this week). I no longer “need” to nap with the girls every day, which is great because it’s nice to have a break in the middle of the day. It allows me to recharge so that I’m not so grumpy for the second half of the day.

All I’ve got to say about this week, is Martha Stewart ain’t got nothing on me! I’m going to go ahead and give myself a gold star for rocking the domestic life.


Happy Sunday, everyone!



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  • Nancy Jonsson says:

    Busy week indeed and great job on both of your cake creations. Craziest news of the week was hearing about the baby birds in the fairy garden. That Momma bird very quickly and perfectly made that nest upon spotting that urn and laid those eggs so quickly that neither of us noticed and thought the other had added the ‘fake’ nest and eggs. I am so glad the birds survived! Eggs, birds & babies I guess Spring has sprung. And by the way, how is it possible that my baby boy is 30….. now who feels old?

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