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My Eggo is Prego–14 Weeks

By April 27, 2014July 10th, 20164 Comments

So, I have decided to blog throughout my pregnancy. I wan’t sure if it was a good idea to keep a record of my third pregnancy, because I did not do that with the first two. I can imagine the girls getting jealous when they realize their youngest sibling has a record of my entire pregnancy with him/her, and they don’t even have baby books (well, they have baby books, but they’re just empty…) But to be fair, I didn’t have a blog when I was pregnant with them. And to make up for it, I plan on doing some posts on what I can remember of my experiences with my first two pregnancies.

My pregnancy goes Sunday to Sunday, so I’m planning on releasing them on Sundays. They will all be a week behind, because, well, how can I write about a week before it happens? So this post is about my 14th week, but I am actually 15 weeks today.


14 Weeks

14 Weeks


The first trimester with this one was pretty easy. My morning sickness was minimal; I only ever got nauseous, and it was no where near as bad as it was with the girls. However, where my pain tolerance is quite high, my nausea tolerance is non existent. So even though it wasn’t as bad this time, I can’t say that I handled it very well… I did have diarrhea for about a month straight, but I would rather that as opposed to throwing up. The fatigue was intense. I felt like I couldn’t do much more than lay on the couch for about a month, which isn’t conducive to taking care of two toddlers. Arya was on a different nap schedule than Eowyn because they would never fall asleep if I put them down for a nap together. There was no way for me to squeeze in a nap, and it became painfully obvious that that had to change, because I would end up falling asleep on the couch while the girls watched Disney Jr. Once when I was apologizing to them for being such a bump on a log, Eowyn replied, “Yeah Mom–you’re a disaster”. How my 3 year old knows how to properly use the word ‘disaster’ against me is completely perplexing. Obviously I took WAY too much fish oil when pregnant with her. I’ve since switched Ary to Eowyn’s nap schedule, and over time, have gotten them to nap together. So I get to nap too, hallelujah! That afternoon nap has been a life saver.

The one thing that I’m noticing is that so far, all three of my pregnancies have been completely different. We don’t like to find out the sex ahead of time, because the surprise element is just too exciting. We were convinced that Arya was a boy because that pregnancy was so different from Eowyn. Now this one is totally different from the first 2! Just goes to show you that even at the very beginning stages of life, every baby is unique.

I had 1 strong food aversion for the majority of my first 2 pregnancies: coffee. Which absolutely broke my heart because I LOVE coffee. My aversion was so bad, that I literally couldn’t be anywhere in the vicinity of coffee without getting nauseous. Tyler had to switch to instant coffee and always drink it out of a travel mug, so as to minimize the smell. Eating out was impossible because if someone at the table next to us had coffee, I could smell it. This time, I still have a coffee aversion, but it’s not as strong. The smell doesn’t bother me at all, it just doesn’t sound good to me.

However, I have become the pickiest eater in the world! One day I’ll be all about Chex cereal,and the next be completely repulsed by it. My relationship with chicken has been really hot and cold. We’ve always eaten pretty much nothing but chicken as far as proteins go, because it’s the cheapest option. But there have been so many days where I can’t force myself to eat it. The strangest aversion that I have though has got to be peanut butter. I have practically lived off of peanut butter my entire life, so this one really surprised me. At first, the smell of it even made me nauseous. I can stand to be around it now, but you could not convince me to eat it for anything.

My cravings have been all over the place. I have always had a sweet tooth, but the things I’ve been craving with this pregnancy have all been salty things. Fritos being one of the main ones. And toasted sourdough bread (not regular sandwich bread; I can’t stand that stuff right now). I’ve also noticed that I’ve been craving burgers. And deli sandwiches! I’ve seriously had a deli sandwich every day for lunch for weeks now. I mean, come on–who wouldn’t want this for lunch?

Turkey and bacon deli sandwich

Turkey and bacon deli sandwich

Despite all of the horrible food that this baby wants me to eat, I’ve only gained 3 pounds to date! No one probably believes that because my bump is ginormous already. But that is a result of my already stretched out muscles relaxing for the 3rd time. I had a significant bump at 9 weeks this time around. I shouldn’t be surprised being that this is my 3rd pregnancy, but I was. Having to break out the prego clothes in my 2nd month was no bueno. But, I’ve only gained 3 pounds, and I’m in my 4th month. That has to count for something, right?

We found an awesome OB-GYN on our first try, thanks to a recommendation. She’s down to earth, and actually listens to me, which is, you know, important. We got a surprise ultrasound at our first visit : ) Honestly, I wasn’t sure if the ultrasound was going to have the same magic that it did before. You always read of parents becoming a bit more desensitized with each kid, and this is our 3rd after all. But when we got to see our little one on that screen for the first time, the magic was definitely still there. Baby was really active for 11 weeks, so it seems we’ve got another ball of energy coming our way! Both Tyler and I had full face smiles and couldn’t stop watching him/her. We are so excited to get to know this new little person.


Baby at 11 Weeks

Baby at 11 Weeks

I’ll close with some baby stats:

  • The baby is about the size of a clenched fist.
  • Baby is straightening out this week; the neck is getting longer and the head more erect.
  • Eyebrow hair is filling in, and baby might be growing hair on it’s head too.
  • Lanugo, which is a peach fuzz, is growing now too. It’s job it to keep the baby warm while it’s cooking. It sheds off before birth.


Happy Sunday!


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