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A Perfect Spring Day

By April 11, 2014June 29th, 20154 Comments

Have you ever been so happy that it made your face hurt because you were smiling so much?

I don’t know what it is about today, but it is absolute perfection.

Maybe it’s the homemade soup that been simmering it’s rich, hearty smell throughout the house all day, (recipe courtesy of The Candid Appetite ).

Spicy Sausage, Kale, and Potato Soup


Or the perfect 65 degree weather, accented with the lightest touch of a cool breeze that carries the chirping of birds.



Perhaps it’s the sky, which is the most beautiful blue with the biggest, poofiest white clouds.




I know that spending some one on one time with Baby Ary outside while her sister napped had a lot to do with it.





After our adventures outside, Baby went down for a nap, and now I am enjoying the quiet of the house with my big band/ swing music softly playing against the lovely sound of spring that is coming in through the windows. Growing up in Southern California, I never really experienced a proper winter or proper spring, because it’s pretty much always summer there. After toughing through my first Wisconsin winter (which was the worst this state has seen in 40 years, thank you very much), I am in LOVE with spring! I finally get the hype behind this wonderful transitional season. I loved the snow, but this California girl needed some SUNSHINE!

Here’s hoping your day has been as beautiful as mine <3



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  • Tyler says:

    Those are some great pics, babe!

    I am glad you are finally becoming attuned to the wonders of seasons! 😉

  • Angelica says:

    I love this friend. Thanks for sharing. The pictures are great and look so professional. Very well written!

  • Maria G Haro says:

    Thank you for your wonderful comments….By sharing them it makes us also feel like we are there with you enjoying every moment…. Te amo, Nana

  • Nancy Jonsson says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos Amanda! Nature in all its glory and beauty and you and Arya sharing genuinely priceless joy! Seasons make you appreciate the full circle and cycle of the year. I love to welcome each new season. 😉

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