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Unicorn Poop Mini Cupcakes
Normally, one wouldn’t like to eat food with ‘poop’ in the name. But when you throw the word ‘unicorn’ in there, suddenly everyone’s excited. We’ve kind of got a unicorn obsession in our pop culture right now. I personally don’t get it, but to each his own.

Pooped Rainbows Before It Was Mainstream MemeI wanted to put together fun treats for my girl’s dance classes to celebrate the start of a new season, because I just like doing stuff like that. The other moms always look at me like, “How do you have time for this?” The truth is I don’t have time. I run on negative time every time I bake. But I love baking, so I do it anyways.

Last year I made these ballerina cake pops for the beginning of dance class. But this year I was strapped for time because I made this first birthday smash cake/cupcake combo in the same week that dance started. There was no time for fighting with complicated cake pops, especially since I was covering 3 dance classes this year instead of just the one like last year. It had to be cupcakes. I got this awesome 4 dozen mini cupcake baking pan for Christmas that I hadn’t had a chance to use, so it was the perfect excuse to break it out. Plus, mini cupcakes seemed less likely to make a mess, which I was sure the dance instructors would appreciate (which they did). I know kids are happy with the simplest of cupcakes because they’re just in it for the sugar. But the cake decorator in me couldn’t just do a simple cupcake. If I was doing cupcakes, the frosting had to be interesting. The size of the mini cupcakes doesn’t allow for much, but unicorn poop comes in all sizes, right? I had been waiting for an opportunity to make the colorful unicorn poop cupcake, so this seemed the perfect time to try it out.

99% of the kid cakes that I’ve done have requested vanilla flavor. Personally, I will pick chocolate every time, but kids just really like vanilla I guess. So I went with vanilla cupcakes this time as well. (Click here for my favorite vanilla cake recipe) Since the frosting had to be colored, it had to be vanilla. So I whipped up some of my marshmallow fluff vanilla frosting.

Unicorn poop cupcakes are usually done by piling different colors of frosting into a piping bag and then letting the colors come out however they come out. It looks great if you manage to layer the colors in so that each color has immediate access to the opening of the tip. However, every time I try to do this, I always end up with one color covering up the opening, so the first few or 6 cupcakes only have one color on them.

So I did mine a little differently.

First, I had my little helpers mix up our three colors: pink, yellow, and blue. I decided that the fourth color would be white, which obviously, didn’t need to be mixed.

Unicorn Poop Mini Cupcakes

Then, I put each color into it’s own piping bag, and snipped the ends off so that each opening was the same size.

Unicorn Poop Mini Cupcakes

Next, I placed all 4 of those piping bags into another piping bag, which was fitted with a large open star tip.

Unicorn Poop Mini Cupcakes

Then I started piping!

Unicorn Poop Mini Cupcakes

And piping…and piping…

Unicorn Poop Mini Cupcakes

Now everyone knows that it can’t actually be unicorn poop if it doesn’t sparkle. So I broke out the disco dust (which is edible glitter) and dusted each cupcake with the glitter using a paint brush (which I only use for cake decorating, of course), by holding the brush over the cupcake and tapping it with my finger so the glitter fell down like pixie dust.

Aren’t they pretty?

Unicorn Poop Mini Cupcakes

You can switch up the color combination to your liking, of course. I’ve seen unicorn poop cupcakes that were blue/purple/yellow/pink that were also beautiful. For whatever reason, purple icing color almost always tastes awful, so I try to stay away from it. As long as there’s 4 different colors and glitter, you can’t go wrong.

Now you’re probably wondering how I transported 4 dozen mini cupcakes, right? Unfortunately, they don’t sell box inserts for mini cupcakes, so I had to come up with my own system.

I took a large box and cut off the flaps.


Since the bottom was not flat, I placed a cake board at the bottom.


At first I tried carefully placing the cupcakes into treat bags, but it didn’t turn out so well.


Then I remembered that I had baking cups in my stash and those worked perfectly! They held each cupcake in it’s own little containment so that they wouldn’t get ruined in transit. Then I put them into my box and bob’s your uncle!


The kids loved the bright colors and were way too excited to be allowed to eat glitter. They are the perfect way to celebrate a new dance season, or birthday, or Wednesdays. Highly under celebrated day, Wednesday.

Unicorn Poop Frosting How To

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