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Let me start off by introducing myself! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Katie and Amanda is one of my Best Friends! We do plays, drink tons of wine, and love to bake!! A few years ago Amanda had just moved, and planned a Frozen party…with me being in a different state I wasn’t able to be as hands on as I usually am with the girls parties…so I did what any bestie would do, I blew up her Pintrest!

Fast forward to last weekend…and it was my turn! My niece was turning two and all she wanted was a Frozen party. For Amanda’s readers that don’t know me…  sweet tables at parties are my thing!!! I always offer to do them! BUT this party was different, I was making a cake I had never done before and we were using one of the cakes for a smash fondant was out.

I stressed about these cakes for a month with Amanda and decided I was going to hijack her blog and blog about my Anna and Elsa cakes….and Frozen sweet table.

I am the WORST at sculpting cakes….cake pops no problem but cakes psssh tag me out!  SO I opted to buy a Doll Dress cake mold. Best money ever spent!!! WARNING if you do these cakes they take forever….
Wilton Barbie Cake PanIf you are using a box cake mix, get two boxes per cake. If you are making your own, double your batter.
Helpful hint: Pam the crap out of the cake mold pan…if you don’t, the cake is a little sassy when you are trying to eject it from the pan. Let your cake cool and do a thin layer of frosting let it sit overnight!
Frozen Barbie Cake
While these were cooling, I worked on a few of my details for Elsa’s dress.  As amazing as this dress is in the movie and at Disneyland it SUCKS on a cake. I made snowflakes with candy melt pens (this is great because candy melts SUCK and never melt correctly). I finished them off by flipping them over adding a pearl sprinkle and spraying with silver glitter sugar.
Chocolate Snowflakes


The next morning I was woken up with “Nini wake up time! Wake up!” I open my eyes to have the almost birthday girl grabbing my hand and taking me out of bed just to go downstairs to check on her cakes.

I decided to do store bought frosting because in addition to cakes I was doing 4 dozen mini cupcakes and 2 dozen regular cupcakes, and me making 100 lbs of frosting was not going to happen.  For those of you who use frosting instead of fondant, I offer you this hint: count your food coloring drops. EXAMPLE for the Elsa dress color it was 2 blue drops. I wrote that right on the lid so if I needed to make more I knew exactly what I did.  (Anna was 18 blue and 3 purple).

Continuing on… I started with Elsa. I wrapped up her legs with cling wrap and frosted the dress and placed the barbie in just to find this…..

Elsa Frozen Barbie Cake
She was too tall!!! So I had a mini “what the fuck” moment and moved forward. I took the Elsa barbie out and started frosting her legs. Mini cupcakes were too small and regular cupcakes to big….frosting was my only option. I took Amanda’s recommendation to use a toddler plastic play knife–worked like a charm and Molly loved licking it after!! If you don’t have toddler plastic knives I found YogurtLand spoons worked just as well. They were my saving grace when Molly wouldn’t give up her knives.
Elsa Frozen Barbie Cake
I did the same thing with Anna. I let both cakes sit in the fridge for a little bit as I worked on all the other sweet treats!

Decorating Elsa:

I used white piping gel “Frozen” themed sprinkles, the candy melt snowflakes I made the night before, and silver glitter sugar.  I piped first and then added the rest of the sprinkles and such after. I sprayed the back half of the dress with the Silver Color Mist by Wilton.
Elsa Frozen Barbie Cake

Decorating Anna:

I moved the cake on to the cake stand before I got started…I was able to clean off any mistakes I made along the way. I used ziplock bags for the piping on this cake.

If anyone would like a cheat sheet on color match for the frosting, here you go:

Dress: 18 Blue, 3 Purple Food Color Drops

Purple Detail: 3 Purple Food Color Drops

Pink Flowers: 2 Pink Food Color Drops

Green Detail: 3 Green, 1 Yellow Food Color Drops

Frozen Barbie Cakes

If you have never seen it before this is true love…no makeup, hair up, and sugar coming out of my pores with the happiest almost 2 year old on my back!!

Like I made mention, I used ziplock bags for Anna’s detail…I cut small slits in the corner of the bags and went from there. To smooth the purple detail….you guessed it–kiddo plastic knife. I only used one tip from Wilton and it was for the pink flower detail and it was NO 106.
Anna Frozen Barbie Cake
Final Product!!
Frozen Barbie Cakes
Molly’s Sweet Treat Frozen Table:
“Snowballs”: Blue chocolate covered marshmallows
Frozen Cupcakes
“Frozen Hearts”: Blue chocolate covered strawberries
“Kiss to thaw a frozen heart”: Hershey’s Kisses
“Icicles”: Blue chocolate covered pretzels
Anna and Elsa Cakes
image1 (2)
Frozen birthday party

HUGE shout out to Amanda for allowing me to hijack her blog and walking me through the cake stress! I love you buddy!!

Thank you to Amanda’s avid followers for taking the time to read a cake blog not written by the master herself!!





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