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Although we have 3 girls, they have enough weaponry to stock a respectable armory. They just also have enough princess dresses to fill every inch of our house with glitter as well.

Seriously though–the glitter is E V E R Y W H E R E.

Naturally, one can’t have a proper weapons supply without boasting a bow and arrows. So we have 2 Merida style bows, 5 arrows, and a crossbow which shoots darts. Our older girls love shooting arrows, but the baby has developed a habit of putting them in her mouth and then running around the house. Since we didn’t want her to impale herself, we put the arrows up, taking them down when the other girls wanted to play.

Despite being 3, our middle child still puts seemingly everything in her mouth. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken coins, colored pencils, bracelets, and arrows out of her mouth. Or how many times I’ve explained to her that it’s dangerous and gross to put anything but food in her mouth. To no avail though because every day, I still catch her putting some kind of foreign object in her mouth.

Yesterday, she was sucking on the pointy end of their play suction cup arrows and fell forward, cutting deep into her palate. She screamed and came running to me, blood gushing out of her mouth. There was so much blood that I couldn’t tell where it was coming from at first. Did she knock a tooth out? Bite her tongue? After swabbing her mouth with a wad of kleenex I saw the deep gash in her palate. She needed to go to the ER.

My husband ran to our next door neighbors barefoot to ask if they could watch our other two kids. Thankfully, they were able to take them. We got them dressed quickly (because they had been running around naked, of course), and buckled Ary into the car in her Hulk costume that she was wearing because it already had blood on it. I didn’t bother to change out of my pajamas, but just finished the look with my slippers. Despite recovering from a shoulder surgery, my husband hopped in the back to hold tissues in Ary’s mouth, and I sped to the hospital, which is thankfully only 10 minutes away.

By the time we got there, the bleeding had stopped. But our blood stained hands and the blood droplets on her costume told our story for us.

Ary had stopped crying, but she looked so sad, slouching on the edge of the hospital bed in her bloodied Hulk costume. She kept saying, “I don’t want the doctor to put stitches in my mouf!” I told her not to worry about it until the doctor came to look at her. She was scared, but was being so very brave. She didn’t resist the ET finger O2 stat and even laughed at getting her temperature taken because it tickled. She answered the nurse’s questions, quickly letting everyone know that though she was only 3, she was in charge. The nurse was instantly enchanted by her and the doctor also fell under her spell.

Thank God, Ary is going to be just fine. The doctor said that the mouth actually heals really well on it’s own, so she didn’t need stitches. She was lucky though; if the arrow had gone any deeper, she would have a hole in the roof of her mouth, or potentially jabbed it deep enough to stab her brain. Thank God it wasn’t as bad as that. By the time we left, she was her normal, bubbly self, chatting away about how she wants to punch Satan in the face and then kill him with fire (true story; couldn’t make that up if I tried).

We’ve been through some injuries with our warrior princesses, including two 2nd degree burns, but this was the scariest. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the terror in Ary’s little voice as she said in the back of the car, “I don’t like it when my blood is out of my body; I want it to stay inside my body!” But despite having blood gushing from her mouth, she didn’t let her fear get the best of her. After the initial hysteria, she calmed herself down and was such a rock of strength. She didn’t use her misfortune as an opportunity to be nasty to the ER staff, but rather talked sweetly to them, and trusted them to take good care of her.

She used this as an opportunity to further prove that Hulk really is the strongest there is. I am so proud of our brave, strong, loving little girl.

And in true Hulk fashion, she was very excited about the doctor’s order to go on a soft foods diet, because it means she can eat all the ice cream and jello she wants.

Needless to say, we’re taking the arrows away until the youngest one is 5. They’ll just have to make due with swords in their battles against evil.

Arya the Hulk

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  • Maria G. Haro says:

    Thank The Lord that little Arya is doing better…Her Guardian Angel is probably very busy with the Little Green Hulk…
    I love her very much and admire her great strength but I pray that She stays out of mischief…I know that I am asking
    too much…

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