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Proverbs 5:18-19

Do you remember what it felt like to fall in love? The giddiness that spread across your face at the thought of him. The butterflies that engulfed your insides when you caught a glance at each other. The mingled joy and fear and awkwardness of holding hands.

The joy of just being near one another.

Then you got married and you had the security of having your best friend forever at your side. And you didn’t care when you were eating Top Romen for dinner and watching TV on the dining room chairs, unable to afford a sofa, because you were doing it together.

The love of the youth sees no wrong. It happily loves through every circumstance, only requiring to be loved in return. Young love loves freely and easily, giving all of itself with reckless abandon.

I was struck by the careful wording of this verse: “Rejoice in the wife of your youth “. It could have just left it at a blanket, ‘Rejoice in your wife’. But it didn’t. It was specific; the wife of your youth. Why the youthful wife?

Well, because youthful love is pure. It doesn’t know the hardships of life nor does it consider that loving someone may hurt at times. It gives all of itself, overcoming every wrong with the sheer power of true love. Youthful love delights wholeheartedly in it’s mate, being content to simply be with them. It does not nag, but accepts the person just as they are.

What happened to that youthful love?

I didn’t notice that it was slipping away, until it wasn’t there anymore. It got lost in the stress of responsibilities and the routine of eat, sleep, awake. It was pushed to the back burner after too many midnight feedings because such passion just seemed like too much work on such little sleep. Taking advantage of the fact that we are committed to one another forever, my love became routine and I forgot to take joy in it.

But as wives we are meant to be “fountains of blessing” to our husbands. You know, the thing that’s always intrigued me about fountains is how they recycle the same water over and over. Sure, you might have to change the water out from time to time, but it’s not like a running faucet that’s just wasting water. It thrives on the routine of letting the water out and siphoning it back in, delighting and calming all at once. Out and in, over and over again. Perhaps we were built for this wash, rinse, repeat cycle of motherhood and wifery after all. We just have to remember to change the water out from time to time, so that blessings can constantly flow from us.

So as we head into Valentines Day, remember what it felt like when you first fell in love with your husband. Try to summon the spirit of youthful love, so that you can continue to captive him with your love that knows no bounds and is just as reckless as when you first met.

And maybe just maybe, he won’t remember what your youthful breasts looked like, so he can be satisfied with the post baby ones (soon to be old woman ones).

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