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I am not typically one to engage in politics or openly express my political views on social media because the thing with politics is that people take it very seriously. One could very easily lose friends over political issues that they don’t see eye to eye on. Whenever I’m tempted to comment on something or share an article that even smells a bit controversial, I first ask myself, “Is this worth losing a friend over?” Usually, the answer is ‘no’. Except when it comes to abortion. When abortion is on the table of discussion, I am all in. Though I would be very sad to lose any friends, if it were to happen because of a debate on abortion, it would be worth it. Human lives are always worth it.

I remember the day that I learned about abortion. I was in 4th grade and overheard my mom talking to someone else about it, and asked what it was. She looked at me and I could see her calculating in her mind if I was old enough for the answer. After a few moments of careful consideration, she took a deep breath, and with the greatest sadness in her eyes, explained what abortion is. I was absolutely horrified. I remember crying and asking her why anyone would do such a thing to a baby. I wasn’t able to shake it, and spent that entire school day with a pit in my stomach and a sadness that burned the back of my eyes.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to open up my blog to politics, because it opens the door to persecution, as most people fall back on attacking the person instead of the opinion. My main goal with this blog was to encourage other mothers and to share my life as it unravels. But I can’t help but feel that I would be a hypocrite if I did not speak out during this time that the abortion industry is finally being revealed as the evil that it is. It is an issue that is too close to my heart to not write about.

There is a common belief that was birthed after Roe vs Wade, that ‘women’s health’ is equal to ‘abortion’. I’ve never understood this because when I think of ‘health’, I think of taking care of oneself; pap smears, mammograms, and general check ups and such. Taking preventative measures to keep one healthy (like preventing heart disease, the #1 killer of women in the United States).

Abortion, however, seems to be the exact opposite of promoting health, for what is ‘healthy’ about ripping an unborn baby limb by limb from one’s womb? How does taking life out of one’s body promote well being? In fact, isn’t the act of removing life the very definition of death? The women may not be dying themselves (although sometimes they do), but a part of them does die through an abortion. Then they carry that death in their souls for the rest of their lives, sometimes never understanding why there seems to be a part of their heart that’s missing. This then causes depression and suicide in post-abortive women, though we don’t hear much talk about that. In fact, women who have an abortion increase their chances of developing suicidal thoughts and tendencies by 154%, compared to women who choose life. Post-traumatic stress disorder plagues 52-67% of women who have had abortions (the later in gestation the abortion occurs, the higher the percentage of PTSD).

Women who are pro-choice claim that abortion empowers us. This too, is also confusing to me. What is the main difference between men and women? Our reproductive parts. It’s quite literally what defines us, from the moment the ultrasound technician sees the tell-tale part when we’re still in our mother’s womb. The very first thing a new parent announces after their baby is born is, “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” Being able to create new life inside of our bodies is the very thing that makes us women. It literally defines the word ‘female’. Abortion does not empower us; it destroys the thing that defines us. It rips up the most beautiful thing we can ever hope to create in a bloody massacre of hope destroyed.

Embracing the Beauty of Motherhood

The day we allowed ourselves to believe the lie that abortion empowers us is the day that feminism died.

The feminist movement allowed us to show the world all that we can do. Allowing us to shine in all our glory, being mothers, professionals, thinkers, movers and shakers all at once. Because we are so amazing that we can do it all at once. No longer having to live in the shadow of men, we can let our voices ring freely offering our very unique position on subjects, and actually have the legal power to put action behind those voices. But then a whisper of a lie was laid in our minds that in order to reach our full potential, we had to reject the very thing that defines us. Now feminism seems to preach that in order to be completely free (even though we are already completely free), we must not allow ourselves to be “tied down” by children, so we can really compete with men. But if we have come to a point where we vehemently hate the most beautiful part of being women, is not feminism dead?

What of all the females that have been killed in abortion? It certainly was not liberating for them, nor did it promote their health and well-being. Feminism failed those women-to-be, and it failed the mothers who deal with the mental and emotional ramifications that come with having an abortion.

The abortion industry (because that’s what it is–an industry) does not care about women. If the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood selling baby parts proves anything, it’s that they have one concern only–making money. That’s why the “counselors” in abortion clinics push abortion to scared pregnant women, steering them away from other choices. They do not care about us. They are not interested in empowering us. They just want Lamborghinis.

So please, let’s stop circulating the lie that abortion has anything to do with our health. We don’t need to destroy the most unique part about being women in order to empower ourselves. We need to embrace everything that makes us the wonderful, complex, and extraordinary creatures that we are and be proud of everything we can accomplish with the grace and dignity that comes to us naturally. Otherwise, if we continue to believe the lie that the only way we can compete with men is to become more like them, we are in no better a social state then when we were all forced to stay quiet in their shadows.

Feminism is dying. It’s time we stand up and reclaim it.

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