Frozen Birthday Party Prep: Food Tents

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I love food tents. They’re practical because they let guests know what you’re serving them so you don’t have to answer, “What is this?”, 50 times. Plus, they’re a great way to decorate. Food tables instantly look polished just by the simple addition of these little guys. Plus. they’re cheap. I spent a whopping $4.40 on the supplies for these (the stickers were $2.40 and the glitter paper was $1 per sheet).

They are super easy to put together too. Just take a 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper in your design of choice, and cut it into three strips that are 4 inches wide. Then cut each strip width-wise every 4 inches, so that you are left with three 4 x 4 squares. You’ll get a total of 9 squares from 1 piece of scrapbook paper. To make the tent, take the square and fold it in half. Then cut a 3 x 1.5 inch square from a solid piece of paper, write the name of your delicious confection on it, and glue it on the tent. You can add a little sticker that goes with your theme if you want, and then you have a food tent!


I decided to go with a blue glitter paper for my Frozen food tents. Our printer is down right now, so I was forced to hand write them. But I actually had fun hand writing these in a Frozen inspired font. I stuck some foam snowflake stickers on them to add a little something special. For those of you who know me personally know that I have a one month old. Everyone’s been asking how I’m getting everything done with an infant and 2 toddlers. Here’s my secret–learn to do stuff while you’re nursing. I got all of these done (the cutting part too!) while on the couch nursing. Multi-task or die.

Speaking of multi-tasking, the baby is finally done nursing. Gotta strap her into my Baby Bjorn and work on the cake.


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