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My Eggo is Prego: 39 Weeks

By October 18, 2014July 10th, 2016One Comment

And here we are, in the final hour. To say that I’m done being pregnant is an understatement. Today is officially my due date (remember– all these posts are a week behind, so I’m actually 40 weeks today), and I have no doubt that it will end with me still being pregnant.

Good thing I scheduled an induction for tomorrow morning. But probably the ward will fill up overnight and they won’t have space for me anymore, so I’ll have to continue waiting.

Can you tell that I’m super optimistic?

This week has been downright awful as far as physical discomfort goes. I’m still having irregular, but painful contractions, and Baby Adipose is so big that he/she has been pressing up against my blood vessels, resulting in dizziness and tingling, numb arms and legs. Last Sunday, I was dizzy for 4 hours straight. Luckily the hubby came to the rescue and took the kids so I could go back to sleep. Because of my wonderful husband, I was able to take 2 two hour naps! Sunday was also day 1 of what turned out to be 4 days of diarrhea (Diarrhea has been my version of morning sickness with this pregnancy. Anytime I’ve mentioned ‘morning sickness’, I was talking about diarrhea. Which I prefer to throwing up, if I’d have to choose between the two).

Thursday I had an appointment with my doctor. We decided that due to the level of my discomfort (especially the dizziness and numbness) and the fact that there’s really no reason to keep Baby in anymore, that we’d give it the weekend, but throw in the towel and induce Monday if it doesn’t happen. My main worry with induction was how much more severe the Pictocin makes the pain. I was induced with Eowyn, and it made the pain so much worse. I handled natural childbirth pains with Arya a lot better. There was just something unnatural about the pain when the Pictocin was thrown in the mix. But my doctor is planning on breaking my water to induce, which makes me feel 100% more comfortable. Given that I’m a “generous” 3 cm dilated & 80% effaced already, she’s confident that breaking the water bag alone should do the trick.

I ended up back in the clinic on Friday because the numbness got so bad. It’s always bad at night, but Thursday night was particularly bad. I got hardly any sleep because I kept waking up with limbs that felt thick with numbness. Normally it gets better once I wake up and am able to move around, but it just got worse. No matter how much stretching I did, how much I walked around, or how many times I changed my position, I had constant tingling and numbness stretching from my right shoulder down to my right hand, and all the way from my right hip to my right foot. It was not only persistent, but it got worse as the morning turned to the afternoon. The veins in my right wrist would swell up. I could feel my heart beating, as if it were beating harder. Then, I started getting dizzy.

Unfortunately, my doctor is out of town this weekend, so I saw a midwife I had never seen before. She was nice, but didn’t know me. My blood pressure was fine, as was baby’s heartbeat, so she said it sounded like normal pregnancy symptoms to her. Which they technically are. But the point we brought up was since I was already scheduled for an induction for Monday, was it worth it to wait the extra 2 days when I was having such severe symptoms? “Well there’s nothing indicating an emergency, and your doctor isn’t in town. I think it’s best if you just lay low over the weekend and wait until Monday. Baby might still come on it’s own.” She was also saying stuff like, “The dizziness might be from dehydration if you’ve been feeling under the weather”, and, “When your arm or leg starts feeling numb, just try to change your position”, and, “When you get up, make sure you don’t get up too fast”. All valid points, and all things that I was already conscious of. And I’m not “under the weather” ; diarrhea has been my body’s version of morning sickness. Which I tried to explain to her.

But she doesn’t know me. She doesn’t know that I’m not an idiot who needs to be reminded to get up slowly. She doesn’t know that it takes a lot for me to come in to be seen because I hate wasting my time at the clinic and am horribly stubborn. But since my blood pressure was normal and the baby’s heartbeat was fine, we decided to not push it and just tough out the weekend. Because if that visit confirmed anything for me, it is that I want my doctor to deliver this baby. My doctor who knows both me and my husband and who has been on this journey with us from the start. My doctor who actually listens to me, has never once been condescending, and truly trusts my instincts concerning my body and my baby.

The one good thing about this week is that my sister flew out from California. She got here Thursday, and is staying a week. I had said before she came out that if I was still pregnant on Friday that I wanted for the two of us to go get pedicures. So after the impromptu clinic visit, we left Tyler with the girls and headed to a local nail salon. It felt so good to sit in a massage chair and get pampered a bit. The lady even pulled out hot stones and rubbed down my legs and feet with them. Amazing. Since we don’t know the sex of the baby, I went with what I’m dubbing ‘the expecting toes’ : pink and blue.


My sister also painted the girls’ toes so they wouldn’t feel left out.


Baby Stats:

-Baby is continuing to plump up layers of body fat. (Which it can do on the outside AFTER I’ve pushed it out of my who-ha, thank you very much.) There’s literally no reason for it to still be inside. Get out. Now.

Today we’re planning on enjoying the Packer game with our neighbors and relaxing. Hopefully I’ll have a baby in my arms tomorrow. Thank you all for following along on the journey of creating this new life with me.

Cheers to the end of prego updates and to the beginning of the story of this family of FIVE!

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