Why My Husband Is the Best

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There are many reasons why my husband is the best: he’s kind, compassionate, extremely talented, loyal, and makes me laugh on a daily basis.  But none of those qualities are what I want to talk about today.  Today I’m going to focus on one of his best traits: he’s a phenomenal father. He pours everything he’s got into our girls every single day, completely embracing with total abandon all the princess tutus, nail polish, and even the glitter that comes with the territory of being the father of 2 girls.

He’s a total sucker when it comes to spoiling them.  We had our second, Arya, a month before our oldest, Eowyn, turned 2.  I was exhausted and was NOT up to the big birthday party thing, but we were able to pull it off with a lot of help.  I sent him to Party City to get a few Ariel plates and to put in the balloon order.  He came back with their entire Ariel section in bags, and the fancy, expensive Ariel balloons to go with the plain, cheap ones that I sent him for.  “You’re not allowed to get mad at me”, he said.  “I can’t help it; she’s going to love it!”

There have been countless times where I’ve sent him to a store for some mundane, necessary thing (you know, like groceries), and he’s come home with cute little outfits for the girls (“I never get to pick out clothes for them, and I thought this was really cute”), or a Doc McStuffins dress up outfit to help Eowyn feel better because she had the stomach flu.  These things are always outside of our tight budget, but I can’t ever get mad at him because he just loves them so much.

dad life

We make a big deal about birthdays, because we feel it’s important to celebrate our kids every chance we get.  You have to pour into them while you’ve got them, because this world can’t wait to tear them to pieces.  He doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to the birthday party, but rather wants to help in any way he can because it’s important to him that their day is special.  He’s not afraid to jump in and help me create my overly complicated birthday cakes, which is good because I’d never finish them without his help.

           pooh bear cake

      little mermaid cake

So when our daughters’ new favorite movie Frozen came out, I shouldn’t have been surprised when he offered to go to Walmart at midnight so that it would be waiting for them when they woke up.  “I don’t get to do very much with them during the day because of work, and I want to do something special for them”, he said.  Since I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant with our third baby, I very happily let him do his midnight excursion because it meant that I wasn’t going to have to go anywhere the next day.  I bid him farewell and passed out shortly after the girls fell asleep.

Frozen DVD release

I was surprised, however, when I found this note on our bedroom door the next morning:

dad life

My husband is a night owl, so the girls and I are always up a good 2 hours before he is (he works from home, so he makes his own hours).  I did as the note said, and just in time to hear Eowyn exclaim from the hallway, “FROZEN!!!!”  At the top of the stairs, he put up a Frozen poster with “icicles” hanging from it.  (Apparently this was the very last Frozen poster, and he had to dig to find it.)

Frozen DVD release

When we got downstairs, we saw that he had hung icicles everywhere:

Frozen DVD release

Frozen DVD release

As well as left a special gift for the girls sitting next to the Anna doll that they already owned:

Frozen DVD release

Inside the bag was a special combo pack of Frozen that came with Elsa’s Infinity figurine, a Frozen coloring book, a Frozen read-along book, and the Frozen soundtrack.

Frozen DVD release

The girls were so happy.  Did he blow our budget again?  Yes.  Do I care?  Not a bit.  Sometimes, you have to know when to let go of your budget and allow yourself to spoil your loved ones.  I mean, who wouldn’t do the same thing to see your kids faces do this:

Frozen DVD release

That right there my friends is parenting done right.  So today, and every day, I raise my glass to my husband, for he truly is the best in every way.

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  • Nancy Jonsson says:

    Oh….look at the smiles on the girls faces! They are so happy! 🙂
    Tyler certainly doesn’t care if he makes himself look a bit silly to bring joy into their hearts and put a smile on their faces….he does that on a daily basis! (When they are teenagers they might not appreciate it as much.. ;-)…Ha) Bringing home something that he knows they will really enjoy is just something you have to do every once in a while. He is a dad that doesn’t want to be left out of the girly clothes, dolls, dance,character costumes or cakes that he knows they will adore! How could you not want to embrace that and he is NOT shy in embracing the role of having daughters and full-on participating. As his Mother and with Tyler not having any sisters, It is a JOY to see him interact with HIS GIRLS in such a loving manner. <3 Proud of how he loves his family indeed.

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